Neighbourhood Plan, Referendum Version

Quick Guide to Neighbourhood Plans

What is it?
A community led plan that sets out the vision and policies for the future development of a local area. Once ‘made’ by the local planning authority it forms part of the statutory development plan and must be used in making decisions on planning applications.

Why produce one?

  • Community can set out where development should go and the type and quality of it
  • Gives local people greater ownership of planning policies
  • Brings the community together to share ideas and priorities for the area
  • Provides a detailed evidence base about the community
  • Helps raise funds/grants
  • and many other benefits…


Who produces it?
Legally it is the parish or town council or a ‘neighbourhood forum’ in those areas without parishes. In practice a steering group made up of local councillors, volunteers and other representatives from the community manage the process.

Neighbourhood Plan News