Resident’s Voice Survey Update

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PCSO Sue Holt has provided an update on the Resident’s Voice Survey for the month of April. PCSO Holt thanked all those who have completed the survey and explained that the purpose of the survey is to provide them with the community’s thoughts on how the local area is policed and to report areas of concern.

Summary of some of the responses received:
🔶 Youths causing anti-social behaviour.
🔶Parking, especially near the Primary Schools

Hulme Walfield & Somerford Booths
🔶Youths causing anti-social behaviour.


🔶Concerns over possible drink/drug driving on the rural roads

🔶Parking near the Primary School.

To address some of these issues these are the actions that have been taken to date:

🔷 Increased parking patrols at the Primary Schools where concerns have been raised. Tickets have been issued where appropriate. School Buddies have been used to remind parents/carers of parking safely.

🔷 Patrols by local officers of the areas where the anti-social behaviour has been reported. ASB warning letters issued where names have been identified. We have linked in with our partner agency, Cheshire East ASB Team, and surveys have been distributed to local residents to gather more information so further targeted action can take place if necessary.

🔷 To address speeding concerns we have deployed with the Trucam speed device in a number of designated areas. Where we are unable to do this, we have increased our presence as a deterrent. We have also liaised with other agencies, such as building developers and Cheshire East Highways to raise the concerns.

In all these cases, work will be ongoing.

This survey is anonymous, only the street name is listed, so please have your say using the QR code below.

The information that this survey provides helps to inform patrol plans and to allocate resources more effectively.

PCSO Holt noted that a number of residents have requested a greater police presence and we understand the importance of this and will do our best to meet this demand.

Resident’s Voice QR Code – Take the Survey

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