Parish Gallery

One of the many things people in the parish said they were keen to protect was the wonderful views we enjoy. There are so many from the fields and woodlands through to the streams and the river Dane, not to mention the many old buildings we have full of character.

When we think of our Parishes we think countryside. We are lucky to have such open, green and tree filled areas where we live. In the recent survey our residents said our environment is one of the most precious things about living in the parish. We have commissioned an environmental survey with the Cheshire Wildlife Trust to form part of the Neighbourhood Plan, so we better understand the diversity and are better informed on the critical areas for wildlife.

If you think you have a local area that is precious to you, be it the bluebells in the woods, the local bird life in an old overgrown hedgerow or woodland, a natural flower meadow or those rare breeds grazing in a nearby field we would love to hear from you.

Tell us what’s precious to you about our environment. Send us your pictures or just drop us a line with your favourite places to If you would like advice on how to keep our local environment green and thriving contact us.