Notes from meeting with Bloor Homes at Alderley Gate Site

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Present; Mr Stephen Oliver – Site Manager, Karl Allen – North West Contracts Manager, Cllr P Amies, Mr C Bodimeade, Ms J Davenport and the Clerk

Date; 10th January 2019 at 9.15am

Venue; Builders Site Office at Alderley Gate

Piling Driving on the site

The second tranche of piling had been completed through December and had not encroached over the seasonal period. There were some issues, but Bloor homes requested that residents contacted Bloor’s individually on a one to one basis to discuss any problems. One lady had reported at the PC meeting of the 3rd January that she had requested a site visit to her property. KA said all the issues were to be taken through Mr Scott Grady Technical Director.

JD also enquired about her personal request for a piling monitor report for noise and vibration and a copy of her house condition survey carried out on several G/Wood Lane properties in September 2018. This had previously been requested by email. KA would enquire which monitoring device related to which individual property area on each of the 2 piling sessions. Each monitoring device had an individual ID number. an outstanding noise and vibration survey. KA would enquire which surveys related to which individual properties. Each box had individual ID numbers.

Heights of houses

Both Bloor homes representatives re iterated the new build homes heights of the house were as the planning application. There were no three-story houses on the site. The map was distributed and

explained. There had been a request to reposition an electrical cable which may change the plan of the building works. There were 53 occupied houses currently. Each house varied between 7/8 metres in height. The perception to existing residents was they were higher. It was noted elevation of the road increases along the boundary line which exacerbated this issue Each house was between 7/8 metres in height. The perception to existing residents was they were higher.

Boundary Buffer Zone

This had been pegged out to the 11.7 metre width from Giantswood Lane property boundaries and there had been a query from a resident that visually it did appear less than the confirmed buffer zone width to the boundary of the new build houses. Due to H & S only Bloor’s have access to the site and measurement. The tapered end was in question towards plot 131 at the south end of the development, presenting little or no buffer zone to several G/Wood houses (see site visit).

JD wished the site manger to request that if possible, the fork lift trucks could move forward as much as possible as opposed to reversing beeping woke night workers and there had been complains. This was noted.

JM and PA left the meeting

Site Visit on the Buffer Zone next to Giantswood Lane (one hour )

8 residents attended plus KA and SO. Further discussions on the house heights. Some amendment will be investigated regarding the unacceptable narrowing off the buffer zone at the southern end to the boundaries.

To note the next meeting is on 26th February 2019 at 10 am

Meeting closed at 11.00 am

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