Notes from meeting with Bloor Homes at Alderley Gate Site 4th July 2019

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Present; Mr Joe Walters -Senior Architectural Technician (arrived at 9.30 am), Mr. Sean Bolton- Senior Engineer ( arrived at 9.30 am) , Mr Stephen Oliver – Site Manager, Mr L Legg – second Site  Manager,  Mr K Allen – Contract Manger , Cllr John Spence, Cllr V Brown, Ms Julia Davenport – resident, and Ms Julie Mason – the Clerk

Date; 4th July 2019 at 9.00 am

Venue; Sales Office at Alderley Gate

Notes from previous meetings

These had been circulated.


JD opened the meeting.

Noise and Language

JD referred to the issue of strong language with sexual innuendos which had been brought to the attention of the PC, and it had then been raised by the Clerk to KA who had addressed the issue, but unfortunately it was still happening.  It was not pleasant to live alongside it especially when she and neighbours had visitors and meetings.

SO, had devised an induction pack and now there was a paper document including loud radios and inappropriate language. It was also raised with the outside contractors every two weeks. KA stated they were trying very hard to control it, but as 90 workers arrived on site each day it was a very hard task.

Building works

There had been sawing of metal along the back of the houses recently which had caused excess noise and, on the 24th June,, there had been a ‘humming’ noise all day. JD had contacted SO and it had been communicated this had been the ‘pumping out’ of the sewers. It was acknowledged again for continuing this work the next 2 days which had caused an awful odour which could not be avoided. SO apologised but it had been necessary to clear /check efficiency of the drains before United Utilities adopted them.  He emphasised the building works would unfortunately progress along the backs of the house on G/Wood Lane for 5/6 months and then they would cease.


VB showed pictures of his car which had been cleaned the previous Sunday and was now covered in sand dust. KA apologised and Bloors had agreed to allocate some free car washing vouchers, as requested by JD at the previous meeting, for the nearby houses. VB asked that the ‘dampening down’ of the site was completed at a minimum of once a day in dry weather. JD confirmed the cleaning of her conservatory would still be completed at the appropriate time. JW confirmed it would upon the closure of the building works otherwise it would be actioned prematurely. It was noted that another of the exotic animal collection at JD’s house had died and this had to now be  registered with the Zoological Society of London. This was now two animals in total due to the noise and vibration stress caused to the animals.

Height of Houses 

There was a four-bed detached being built behind JD and she would like to see a design plan as it would affect her privacy e.g. windows etc. It was noted the show home was this particular type of house and she would be provided with a house plan.   KA confirmed there would be a 1.8m fence behind each house.

Buffer Zone  

A resident from G/Wood Lane had advised JS that the markers identifying the extent of the Buffer Zone in the vicinity of his property seemed to have disappeared and was concerned that this could jeopardise the integrity of the BZ boundary. JS requested they were replaced. SO/JW confirmed that the extent of the BZ could not be changed and were unaware of the disappearance of the markers.  He said he would investigate and rectify if necessary.

Dog Bin

The Parish Council had purchased the dog bin and it was to be sited at the end of FP6 on the Bloor estate. JM thanked Bloor homes for agreeing to pay for the installation of the bin.

Footpath 6/ Bridleway

It had been mentioned about the possibility of the PC taking ownership of the footpath and bridleway verge edges and trees at the previous meeting. JW agreed this was still a possibility and when Bloor homes transferred the site to the management company, they could probably transfer this section of land to the PC with the land registry. This would hopefully incur no cost. It would reduce the financial obligation to the management company hence the residents in the new homes.  The Clerk enquired if there would be any legal costs.  JW stated not. VB thought it would be of benefit to the community and later when the next 500 housing development was constructed a good link to provide a green corridor.


  1. JS proposed a vote of thanks SB be recorded for his prompt action when there had been an issue with the drains behind a house (Hardknott – as in Pass) on Giantswood Lane.
  2. At the time of the inspections SB had agreed to provide a copy of the CCTV footage for Hardknott, and Clearview which SB had agreed to include in the survey. SB had also agreed to provide a copy of the relevant section of the Bloors preliminary survey of the drains which included the section that services some of the properties on GWL, and which is located under the Buffer Zone.  In a follow-up e-mail JS had also requested a copy of Bloor’s notification of the connection of this drain into their system close to the top of the bridleway, of which UU were apparently unaware.  SB confirmed that the CCTV footage would be provided when it is received from Drain Doctor, and that the other documentation would be made available in due course.

Fly tipping and Access – Buffer Zone

At the last meeting JS had expressed concerns about the possibility of fly-tipping and creation of access into the buffer zone by residents of the development and asked if the documentation that covered the sale of properties on the development contained restrictive clauses relating to this.  JS intimated that JW’s e-mail response to that had not, in fact, adequately addressed the queries.  JW advised that he had raised this with the Bloor legal dept. who had advised that whilst the wording he had been given could appear.  JW advised that he had raised this with the Bloor legal dept. who had advised that whilst the wording he had been given could appear not to address the queries raised, the Bloors legal team were adamant that if taken in a legal context it would.  JS requested that JW provide written confirmation from Bloors legal dept. that the wording contained in his e-mail would in legal terms preclude later provision of access into the buffer zone from residents’ properties and fly tipping into same.   JW agreed to speak to Bloors legal team and request this.0

JS requested some clearer responses if possible.

To note the next meeting is on 6th September 2019 at 10 am

Meeting closed at 10.10 am

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