Notes from meeting with Bloor Homes at Alderley Gate Site 4th April 2019

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Notes from meeting with Bloor Homes at Alderley Gate Site

Present; Mr Joe Walters -Senior Architectural Technician, Mr. Sean Bolton- Senior Engineer, Mr Stephen Oliver – Site Manager, Mr Colin Bodimeade, Mr John Spence, Ms Julia Davenport – residents, and Ms Julie Mason – the Clerk

Date; 4th April 2019 at 9.00 am

Venue; Sales Office at Alderley Gate

Notes from previous meetings

SO, asked to have a copy of the notes

JD wished to congratulate Bloor Homes at Alderley Gate as it was shortlisted for an LABC North West Building Excellence Award 2019.  SO had also been selected as a regional finalist in the Residential Construction Professional of the year category. The winners were to be announced on the 26th April.

There were no actions from the previous meeting.


Buffer Zone  

There was a concern that the residents of the estate could, at some point in the future, pull out of the contract with either the management company appointed by Bloors (Agency Management Ltd) to maintain the open spaces on the estate, including the Buffered Zone, or a successor.  If this happened, what assurances would residents from G/Wood Lane have that the buffer zone would be maintained?

JW explained that it was common practice for a management company, on taking over a complete development, to suggest that residents set up an association to manage this.  He was uncertain as to how this might affect maintenance of ground that did not fall within the development itself, however he stressed that any contractor appointed to maintain the grounds would be governed by the Management Plan, which formed part of the S106 agreement when the planning permission was granted.  It was further stated that this is enforceable, as is the requirement for the areas covered by it to be maintained if the original contract is no longer in existence.

It was agreed the residents could have a copy of this plan and when the initial meeting was arranged with the residents from Alderley Gate, the residents from Giantswood Lane would be invited. There was a discussion that there may be a possibility of the residents being invited by the Trust Management Company to take responsibility for their own management. Their concern was in the main due to the buffer zone being outside the actual development.

JW stated that should the residents chose to dispense with a ‘company’ to maintain the open space the new company would be deemed responsible for continuing the Management Plan in its entirety.  CB enquired about the appointed company’s details. These would be forwarded to JD, JS and CB.

It was noted that United Utilities would also need access to the buffer zone as the sewer serving several properties on Giantswood Lane was located along its length.

The house, ‘Birch Trees,’ was discussed as it was unclear whether any of their drainage travelled to the above sewer; if so, access to the sewer may be required for maintenance purposes. The buffer zone by’ Birch Trees’ and ‘Mayfield’ tapered into a point and it was asked if there was to be a fence. It seemed that Bloor’s felt the existing hedge was satisfactory. It was agreed SB would arrange for the boundary to be pinned and then it would be discussed further. CB wanted to ensure that there was enough space to maintain the hedges.  JW gave the history about why the buffer zone had narrowed at one end.


Working Hours.

Start times were clarified as 8 am on weekdays and 9am on Saturdays. JD had received reports that these were being broken quite regularly and she gave another example of the radio being played loudly on the previous Saturday at 2.30pm.

SO assured everybody he would speak to his team.


This was now being filled up to 4 times a day and due to the tight space, vehicles had to reverse several times to tip their rubbish. It was agreed that the skip would be moved in two months to another position on the site.


Piling Driving on the site

JD had spoken with the Royal Veterinary College in London with reference to her animals and they were interested in the effects that the piling, both noise and vibration, had on the livestock. It was noted they had come out of hibernation.

The vibration survey had yet to be analysed after the piling to see the results at her property. JD is to officially request the interpretation report from Bloors.


Dog Poo Bins.

JD had received complaints from residents and general walkers regarding the amount of uncollected dog excrement on the grass verges and path of Footpath 6 between Giantswood Lane and the A34. A family with toddlers were very concerned about the hygiene with children playing on these verges. This was backed up by JS and CB. The possibility of a collection bin at each end of the path and/or dog fouling notices was discussed. JM and Bloor’s to investigate this.

The sweeper would be sent to G/Wood Lane this week.  CB requested Bloor Homes cleaned the windows of the houses on GW Lane.

To note the next meeting is on 23rd May 2019 at 9 am

Meeting closed at 10.00 am

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