Notes from Meeting with Bloor Homes at Alderley Gate Site 23rd May 2019

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PRESENT:       Mr Joe Walters- Senior Architectural Technician (JW),    Mr Sean Bolton-Senior Engineer (SB), Mr Stephen Oliver-Site Manager (SO), Karl Allen-Contract Manager (KA),   Mr John Spence- Parish Council and Resident rep (JS),   Mr. Vic.  Brown-Parish Council (VB),  Ms Julia Davenport –Resident and minutes Sec (JD).

APOLOGIES:  Julie Mason – Clerk to the Parish Council (JM), Mr Colin Bodimeade- Resident (CB).


Reference was made to JD’s copy.  Bloors do not have access to the minutes prior to the meeting. JD stated that although these appeared on the Parish Council website, she proposed that JM could send copy to the Bloors representatives directly to their e-mails as the general website information was not relevant to Bloors.  Action: JM to progress.

MATTERS ARISING: Due to continuing issues, these were taken forward as below.


1 ) Noise. The site skip bay has now been removed and re located near the proposed play area. However there is still much noise from road rollers etc close to Giantswood Lane (GL) properties.  It has been noted that a new Site road is currently impinging on Buffer Zone (BZ) close to existing GL properties. (JS). JD stated that a worker in her garden has had to wear ear defenders as the reverberation was so bad. This noise also vibrated through some of the GL properties.   Bloors confirmed this new road was a temporary access for plant machinery movement, as the only alternative would be via the site roads where new properties are occupied with a consequent disruption/ H & S risk to new residents, especially children playing.  This road system to be removed in due course allowing access only to the new homes (yet to be constructed). The site map was referred to showing new home access and car parking spaces.

2) Dust. GL residents continue to have issues with dust onto their properties from the site due to movement of the ground working plant machinery. JD had spoken to a contract company who are jet washing the new homes prior to sales and Bloors stated( as also throughout 2018) they were trying to mitigate the sand and dust issue with damping down in dry weather.  JD asked that as a small gesture, Bloors could perhaps issue some car washing vouchers to GL residents to help with the problems incurred. Action:  JW and KA to raise this issue at Bloors.

3) Radios. JD said that residents were still not happy with loud music from site radios. It had also been noted by one resident that a vehicle with volume turned up and the door left open for several hours added to the issues. This had prompted phone calls by another resident to make enquiries to the licencing body re playing music in a public place. This is ongoing.  Residents have issues regarding lack of respect for some unwell elderly residents and those on shift work which is not conducive to health and well being . Action: SO to look again into this.

4 )Site Working Hours: JD asked Bloors to confirm times due to issues with noise at certain times of day and now that summer work times are in progress . This was confirmed as:

7.30 a.m. individual workers on site and some movement of vehicles.

8a.m. Ground works and heavy plant machinery commence.

6 p.m.  Finish on site.

1 p.m. Saturday finish on site.

N.B. Some internal house works can continue outside these hours.

5) Dog Poo Bins. Action: Confirmation required by Parish Council (JM)  and Bloors on situation re. purchase, siting  and emptying of a further bin in the Footpath (FP) 6 area possibly  near A34 .

6) Landscaping of Trees on Bloors land. VB proposed a timescale for the planting of trees on the land owned by Bloors i.e. at rear of GL properties to the north of Footpath 6 and also along the grass verge bordering the hedgerow of FP6. The ideal time would be Nov 2019 to enable trees to become established and give a head start for screening prior to the proposed 500 home development. Action: Agreement in principle. JW to look into this.

ALDERLEY GATE STREET LIGHTING:  JD noted that some of the site street lamps were now in place. The site map was referred to for other positioning. VB requested confirmation that these would be not on a timed basis but ambient lighting controlled.  This was confirmed by KA.


  1. At CB’s request JS advised Bloors that CB and Charlotte now favoured a fence rather than a hedge where the BZ runs along their properties. As it was still unclear precisely where this will be located Bloors were asked to meet with CB/Charlotte to discuss.  This was agreed and a meeting would be arranged, possibly taking place after the next local Residents/Bloors mtg.
  2. The matter of residents in the new properties installing gates in their fences that would give access to the BZ, and fly-tipping of garden refuse, etc. into the BZ was also raised, with a suggestion that suitable restrictive covenants might be included in deeds. JW intimated that these matters were already addressed in the appropriate documentation, but said he would clarify and advise.  See Postscript below.
  3. JW was asked if any information was available regarding the request made at the last meeting regarding the local residents being involved in discussions between the to-be-formed residents’ assoc. and the company appointed to manage the maintenance plan for the public areas of the site, which includes the BZ. JW replied that he had made enquiries in this regard and the response had been that the company was unlikely to agree to any involvement with current local residents, however he did not have the paperwork with him.  He undertook to check on this and advise. Following a request for sight of the terms of the maintenance plan that would govern the work involved JW also undertook to provide a copy of this.   See Postscript below.



1)   JD asked SO how many homes were now occupied  and confirmation of the postal address of Alderley Gate. This information would be useful in determination of number of Parish Councillors as the address is Hulme Walfield. Action:  JD and Pat Amies to confer.

2)  S106 Developer Financial Contributions    VB asked if details of the contributions made by Bloors to Cheshire East Council under the terms of Sectuion106 to the Planning Conditions was available.  JW advised that certain of these contributions had already been made, but that he was uncertain which.  JW undertook to provide further information.  See Postscript below.

Date of Next Meeting:

4th July 2019. 9a.m  at Alderley Gate  Sales Office.

Meeting finished at 10.15 a.m.

Minutes.  Julia Davenport


Postscript.    An e-mail from JW was received by JS on the afternoon of the meeting.  Whilst the contents do not form part of the above Minutes, a facsimile of that e-mail is attached for info. JS

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