Neighbourhood Plan Sub Committee Meeting 24.11.16

. . .
  1. Attendees: Karen Ogden,  Mark Wakerly, Gail Booth, Graham Silman

Apologies: Pat Amies, Lucy Hughes


  1. Minutes from previous meeting agreed.


  1. NP Document

The committee members discussed the NP document

The following actions were agreed:

KJO to get an update on any additional business survey returns from Shona and report back via email.

KJO to add policies relating to Strategic Development Sites (in line with the discussion at the meeting relating to a NP in a parish will similar challenges and as seen in the example NP Document of Exminster)

MW to have a look at the LCA and what can be submitted as evidence regarding ‘Local Charachter’ with our plan

All committee members to have reviewed the NP document and forwarded comments through to LH by the end of November.


  1.  Funding – It was agreed that the remaining grant funding available through locality (£4,208.00) should be applied for.  This funding would need to be spent by the end of March or returned.  It was agreed that it was likely that there would be a shortfall of money to take the process through to completion and that a request should be raised with the PC to cover the deficit.  Printing requirements and costings will inform the amount which needs to be raised.


KJO to ask Julie Mason whether she could submit a funding request to locality for the remaining amount from the total available grant.

KJO to gather information from LH regarding the requirements regarding printed copies. I.e. the numbers of copies of the NP required (residents plus ‘others’) and the number of different documents we are required to publish.


  1.  Consultation Meeting Date – It is proposed that the public consultation meeting would be arranged for 25/03/2017 and that suitable venue should be sought for this day, in the following order of preference:  Westlow Mere, St Michaels Church, Clonter, Swettenham Club)


  1.  Next meeting date: 12/01/2017 at 7.30pm

PA to check with Westlow Mere whether the fishery would, again, kindly allow us to hold the January meeting at their premises.

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