Neighbourhood Plan Sub Committee Meeting 18.8.16

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Hulme Walfield & Somerford Booths
Neighbourhood Plan Sub Committee Meeting 18/08/16

Attending: Pat Amies, Karen Ogden (Chair), Gail Booth, Mark Wakerly, Rhiannon Monaghan, Lesley Aldridge

Apologies: Graham Silman, Lucy Hughes

The following items were discussed during the meeting:

  • Membership
  • Intro & background update, including the Vision & Objectives response summary
  • Housing needs assessment
  • Volunteers
  • Next Steps


Mark Wakerley and Gail Booth, new councillors were invited to join the NP committee and accepted.
Intro & Background:

Karen Ogden gave a summary of NP activity to date and current position, including the results of the recent Vision and Objectives questionnaire.

ACTION: KJO to ask website manager to publish the residents results on the website and circulate to those who have provided their email address.

Housing Needs Assessment:

Rhiannon Monaghan – gave a summary of Housing Advice Report she had undertaken for the parishes.
Rhiannon offered to undertake a landscape character assessment as additional evidence for policies within the NP.  It was agreed by those present that this would be valuable information.  Input is required from residents into this process and this will need to be planned.

ACTION: KJO to liaise with RM regarding opportunities for residents input to the assessment.


There was a discussion about how the very welcome volunteers can be utilised.  Gail very kindly offered to look at an engagement model for this so that the momentum and offer of help is not lost.

ACTION: Gail Booth to develop an engagement model for the next steps of the NP process

Lindsey who attended the meeting and raised her concerns and disappointment about the area south of the link road being ‘excluded’ from the NP.  The reasons for this was discussed.

ACTION: KJO to ask Julie Mason to put on the agenda at the next PC meeting – introduction of a strategic land committee that would sit under the PC.

Ongoing Activities:

Wildlife study – contact has been made with the Cheshire Wildlife Trust but no survey has yet been commissioned.  Mark offered to progress this.

ACTION: KJO to pass information to Mark who will organise the wildlife survey with Cheshire Wildlife Trust.

Business Study – some progress has been made.

ACTION: KJO to ask Shona to provide the committee with summary outcome at the next meeting.

Draft NP Document -.  Now that the residents have been consulted over the Vision and Objectives the content of the Neighbourhood Plan can be developed in line with these purposes.

ACTION: KJO to circulate the latest version of the draft neighbourhood plan. Please note that this document is not to be forwarded to residents as it is currently work in progress and not yet under any formal review and version control etc.  Any Councillor comments on the document would be warmly welcomed and should be sent to Lucy (cc other NP Committee members)

Next Steps:

A revised project plan to be circulated for discussion and possible agreement at September meeting.

ACTION: KJO to update the plan and circulate.

NP & PC relevant background documents to be circulated to new SC members.

ACTION: KJO to circulate.

Next Neighbourhood Plan SC meeting scheduled for September 15th, 2016.

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