Neighbourhood Plan Sub Committee Meeting 16.6.16

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Hulme Walfield & Somerford Booths Neighbourhood Plan
Sub Committee Meeting 16.06.16

Attending: Graham Silman, Pat Amies, Karen Ogden (Chair), Lucy Hughes

The following items were discussed during the meeting:

  • Vision
  • Objectives
  • Some outline policies
  • Next Steps

Vision & Objectives:

The revised vision and objectives were discussed amended and approved for circulation to residents to gain feedback.


Some outline policies were identified. Lucy will look at the suggestions and start working on further policies.

It was determined that information and evidence was needed specifically from businesses within the parishes if the neighbourhood plan is to support business as well as residents. It was agreed that a survey company would be employed to gather this information.

Information and evidence about habitat and wildlife is also required and should be available through Cheshire Wildlife Trust. Some wildlife reports are also logged as evidence for the link road application (Aquatic Invertebrate Study). It was agreed that Cheshire Wildlife Trust should be contact to establish what reports are available and the cost of any reports.

Next Steps:

Await the housing needs assessment (being progressed by Cheshire East on our behalf) which is expected in July, 2016.

First draft of proposed vision and policies to be circulated to residents for comment week commencing 27th June for return by 15th July.

Wildlife and business information to be sourced.

Revised project plan to be circulated for agreement at July meeting.

Next Neighbourhood Plan meeting scheduled for July 21st 2016.

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