Neighbourhood Plan Sub Committee Meeting 15.9.16

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Hulme Walfield & Somerford Booths
Neighbourhood Plan Sub Committee Meeting 15/09/16

Attending: Pat Amies, Karen Ogden (Chair), Gail Booth, Lucy Hughes, Shona Amies

Apologies: Mark Wakerly, Graham Silman

The following items were discussed during the meeting:

  1. Introductions
  2. Previous minutes
  3. Business Survey – Shona Amies
  4. Communications, Engagement & Volunteers – Gail Booth
  5. Wildlife Study
  6. Draft Neighbourhood Plan
    1. update – Lucy Hughes
    2. feedback – committee members
  7. Next Steps & Close

After introductions and agreement of previous minutes we completed discussion moved onto the Business Survey.

Business Survey:

Shona gave the following summary:

55 questionnaires were issued and 20% responded. Of those that responded 9 businesses provided data. It was agreed that whilst the data which has been gathered would be sufficient for the purpose of informing the N. Plan, we will try to capture more through newsletter (to be issued in October), emails to our contact list, and through our website.

The cut-off date for compiling data for inclusion in the plan will be the end of October.

Action: GB to include details / link within the next PC newsletter. SA to create a link on the website and issue an email to all contacts.

Communications, Engagement & Volunteers:

Gail talked through a proposed Engagement Plan, Communications schedule and approach for working with volunteers. Some adjustments were made and then the documents were agreed.

Action: GB to send the revised Comms & engagement plan to Lucy Hughes for inclusion as supporting evidence as appropriate in the NP document.

Action: GB to issue agreed email to volunteers.

Action: XX?? to create a facebook page to be created to advertise what’s happening.

Sorry I forgot who picked this action up????

Wildlife Study:

In his absence MW submitted, via the chair, a proposal to purchase Local Wildlife Survey from the Cheshire Wildlife Trust for up to £300.00 + VAT. This was agreed.

Action: MW to request the information asap to make the data available by the end of September for discussion at the next meeting.

Draft Neighbourhood Plan:

GS submitted comments about the tone and wording in some of the introductory and background information in the current draft of the Neighbourhood Plan (version 4). This was discussed in the meeting. It was agreed that the wording, which was taken from the CE Local Plan submissions, needed to be reworded to be factual acceptance of data within the Local plan rather than indicating support for it.

Action: LH to review Section 3 of the draft plan and reword as necessary.

It was agreed that when we have received more data about the volunteers we would look at policies etc within the N. plan, to start driving the version which we will consult to residents with.

Next Steps:

It was proposed and agreed that a public consultation event should be held Mid November on a Saturday.

Action: KO to check availability of venues to be used for consultation.

Next Neighbourhood Plan SC meeting scheduled for October 12th, 2016, at Westlow Mere.


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