Neighbourhood Plan Sub Committee Meeting 12.10.16

. . .
  1. Attendees: Karen Ogden, Pat Amies, Mark Wakerly, Gail Booth, Lucy Hughes
    Absent: Graham Silman
  2. Minutes from previous meeting agreed.
  3. NP Document
    It was agreed that the following members of the committee would take specific policy sections of the NP Document Policy to review in more detail:Housing – PA, KO, GS
    Environment – MW
    Heritage – MW
    Rural Economy – GB
    Infrastructure – GBLH will circulate a revised copy of the plan (version 6) in the next two weeks and committee members are to review and comment on their sections by the end of November. Action: all committee members.

    LH raised a number of questions on version 5 of the document which were discussed and responded to during the meeting.  Various policy areas were discussed within the meeting, with adjustments to the plan agreed.

  4. Wildlife Survey – MW provided an update confirming that the survey had been formally requested and is expected to take up to 10 weeks to be completed.
  5. Communications update – GB is coordinating the next PC newsletter.  Action: KO to provide NP update for inclusion within the newsletter.
  6. Consultation
    The possible timing for consultation was discussed with the following timeline agreed:Version 6 review – by end of November
    Local character assessment workshop – to be completed in November subject to availability of Rhiannon at Cheshire East.
    Local wildlife report – end December/ Early January
    Revised document to be produced by LH – end Jan
    Version 7 review – by end of February
    Screening by Cheshire East – Beginning March
    6 week Consultation (Reg 14) to commence with a public event – Late March
    Submission for Reg 15 – Mid/late MayActions:  all committee members to provide 3/4 names of people that could be invited to the Local Character assessment workshop by the end of October.
    KO to liaise with rhiannon for workshop dates (am due to light)
    KO to draft invitation letter and arrange the workshop logistics
    LH to provide quotes for work required by CCA through to completion of the N. Plan
    KO to apply for further grant (with support if possible from JM?!)
  7. Next meeting date:  17th November at 7.30pm
. . .