Neighbourhood Plan Sub Committee Meeting 11.05.16

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Attending: Jeff Smith (Chair), Graham Silman, Pat Amies, Karen Ogden, Lucy Hughes

The following items were discussed during the meeting:

  • Response from the questionnaire
  • Vision and Policies
  • Next Steps

Response from the questionnaire:

The sub committee discussed the results from the recent questionnaire which had been analysed and summarised by Jeff Smith.

Vision & policies:

The approach for the vision, objectives and policies were discussed in length. Whilst not unanimous it was agreed that the Neighbourhood Plan would focus on the areas of the parishes that lie north of the proposed link road (the areas outside of those designated as Strategic Locations and therefore fully developable with the draft Cheshire East Local Plan).

Outline wording for the vision and objectives were discussed and will be refined before being sent to residents for appraisal/evaluation.

Next Steps:

A housing needs assessment is being progressed by Cheshire East on our behalf and should be completed in July, 2016.

It was agreed that a first draft of proposed vision and policies should be circulated to residents for comment by the end of June.

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