Neighbourhood Plan Sub Committee Meeting 09.03.17

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9th March 2017 – Westlow Mere Fisheries

  1. Attendees Karen Ogden (Chair), Gail Booth, Pat Amies, Lucy Hughes.  Apologies: Mark Wakerly, Graham Silman

  2. Interests – none declared

  3. Previous minutes accepted

  4. Remaining actions required in advance of Reg 14
    • Collation local character assessment details – KJO & GB by 14/03/17 and forward to Lucy Hughes
    • Final Review of the draft Neighbourhood Plan – all by 14/03/17 comments to Lucy Hughes
    • It was also discussed and agreed that:
      • Quotations would be sought for printing of the required documentation (Gail Booth to source) – approx. 8-10 copies of the plan would be required.  A3 size maps would be included within the document.
      • Support from clerk would be sought to finalise the draft Neighbourhood Plan (with links to appropriate support information / documents)
      • Pre submission document to be produced to be issued to consultees (Karen Ogden to produce for comment/GB to brand?) NOW ATTACHED
      • Contact to be made with Tom Evans to agree timing of the 6 week consultation process and to get the consultee list (Karen Ogden to complete)
      • Ask the clerk whether she would able to support us in issuing the consultation statement and, if agreeable, to establish timescales and gain agreement to overtime costs from the HW&SB Parish Council. (Karen / Gail to discuss with Julie)
      • Ask Shona to put all documents onto the NP website (Gail/Julie to coordinate)
      • A copy of the document would be made available at the library as part of the public consultation process
      • Create a reply slip for consultees to use to respond through the consultation process (Karen Ogden/GB to brand?) NOW ATTACHED
  5. Remaining actions required in advance of consultation event 6th April
    • Posters required for the event were discussed and agreed. (Gail to request from Graham Silman)
    • The Invitation Gail Booth had drafted was discussed and changed agreed to be printed and issued asap.
    • The committee requested that Lucy Hughes attend the event and provide the Neighbourhood plan introduction for the consultation event.  Lucy kindly agreed.
    • It was also discussed and agreed that:
      • Light refreshments to be arranged for the event (? Organising)
      • Karen to bring sellotape, blue tack etc. for positioning the prints in the room
      • Councillors to arrive at the meeting room at 7pm to set up room and be on hand to greet residents
  6. Reg 14 activities:
    • Confirm dates for consultation with CE and check that they are arranging any screenings of the plan (SEA or Habitats Assessment?) KJO
    • Send CE a copy of the Plan to be published on their website
    • Send email to consultees (list provided by Cheshire East) before the commencement of the 6 week period.
    • Ensure Copies of the plan are in the library along with a large number of response questionnaires.
    • 6 week Consultation commences (responses to be monitored and collated).
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