Minutes: Parish Council Meeting 6th September 2018

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Minutes of a Parish Council meeting held on Thursday 6th September 2018 at ‘Westlow’ Mere Fisheries meeting room.


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Declaration of Interest

None declared


Part 1 Public and Press present


Present   Councillor M Wakerly (who chaired the meeting), Councillor P Amies, Councillor G Booth, Councillor T Richardson, Councillor J Wray – Cheshire East Ward Representative and Ms J Mason – Clerk



Public Forum

9 members of the public present.

After intervention from the Parish Council, a local resident from Giantswood Lane, had met with Bloor Homes to try and resolve some issues affecting the local residents resulting from the building works at the Alderley Gate development on Manchester Road. The following issues had been raised;


  1. Access to resident’s boundaries – there had been no access which were included in resident ‘s covenants for over a year (May 2017) and this situation could continue for a further year. It was proposed that two occasions could be arranged for residents to see what repairs, work and maintenance is required at their neglected boundaries.

Action. This would be investigated by Bloor Homes in due course as it would require the safety barrier fence to be relocated and moving of the top soil bund which restricts this currently.

  1. Privacy – A scaffold gantry was erected on 25th July 10 metres from residents’ boundaries across 6 homes. This has a walkway along the top deck and caused concern with resident’s privacy.

Action Bloor Homes would investigate and report back.

  • Noise 1 The discarded aluminium security fencing is brought by the diggers and tipped and crushed in the large skips positioned by the above-mentioned gantry. The small skips across the site are also brought by diggers and tipped into the large skips. This operation happens several times a day and has been noted as early as 7.30am. On occasion the whole skip has dropped into the large skip.

Action    As all rubbish from the site is strictly monitored and wrong items in wrong skips would be charged to Bloor’s under Health & Safety and recycling laws. They would investigate.

  1. Noise 2 – A large yellow caterpillar plant which is new to this site, has been moving vast amounts of sand and soil heaps close to residents’ boundaries at three metres distance, particularly near The Laurels and Sandhurst boundaries. On 4 consecutive days, no conversation could take place in gardens of week commencing Aug 27th due to noise level. The operative was wearing ear protectors, but standard ear plugs had no protection for residents. This noise also reverberated through the homes. A legal duty of care was mentioned.

Action. No solutions were discussed to this matter. If this occurs again residents will contact Bloor Homes to raise their repeat concern.

  1. Dust- Throughout the dry summer months there has been a huge dust problem for residents. As well as continuous blown sand dust from sand heaps during the exceptional dry summer, the tracking vehicles and diggers also produce clouds of sand dust when manoeuvring and tipping across the site. The large tip area is known to have been used, historically for the dumping of rubbish including asbestos, engines, oil and possibly chemicals. This has been excavated out through July and August as part of the site clean-up required. Concern has arisen when residents have noted the coarse sifting of this by diggers and shaking materials loose from the digger buckets before tipping larger materials for a hand sorting by operatives wearing ‘forensic’ white and recently red protective disposable wear. Residents require assurance that the blown dust has not resulted in contaminant drifting into gardens and homes. Gritty dust has been noted by some residents in their mouths, covering cars in the system sensors of a plant house of one house preventing the function of electronically controlled ventilators and rain sensors.

Action.   There was assurance that contaminated waste had been contained in covered skips and the protective clothing was a precautionary matter. Some damping down of sand dunes had occurred but it had dried out immediately in the heat. Mrs Brenda Lomas (Cheshire East Public Health) had communicated her visit to several homes on Walfield Ave and Marton Close in response to residents’ complaints. Their concerns will be dealt with under Congleton Town Council. Bloor Homes agreed that maintenance of the plant house electronic devices would be performed at no cost to the resident.

  1. Vibration and Piling. -excessive vibration from the site occurs on top of general site activity and is experienced in varying degrees in residents’ homes. As the vibration was so excessive at times at residents’ houses with vibration through the floor. CE had been contacted to monitor but there was no noise or vibrating recording equipment available. Residents were advised to source their own.

Action. All parties present discussed the vibration monitoring and it was agreed that Bloor Homes would arrange a house condition inspection at no cost to residents. Although piling was to commence from week beginning 3rd September the survey would be a base line future reference. Note this will be some months after the start of works on the site and it is not a true base line.

Bloor Homes had Giantswood Lane (rural) swept by their own contractor.


A resident had attended to thank the Parish Council for resolving the issue with flooding at a BT access chamber.


A resident was concerned there were no website updates being delivered to his email address.


68/18 Apologies

Cllr G Silman due to holidays.


69/18 Minutes

Resolved that the minutes of the meeting held on 5th July 2018 be approved and signed as a true and accurate record.


70/18 Rural Lane Improvement Scheme

There had been a meeting with Cllr MW, Cllr GB, Cllr TR, Cllr PA and the Clerk on the 9th August (notes circulated). An action plan had been written subsequently by Cllr GB and the Parish Council discussed the actions and timescales involved.

Resolved the action plan was approved upon the condition the Clerk requests comments from the resident’s group that had been involved initially.

Resolved the Parish Council would allocate a maximum £6,000 budget to the Rural Lane Project.

Resolved Cllr M Wakerly would arrange to meet with Cllr G Silman to discuss the location of passing places on Mill Lane and Smithy Lane. The Clerk would request some road plainings from Cheshire East highways team.

Resolved the Clerk would arrange a subsequent highway visit to attain approval for passing places and boundary gateways.



71/18 Highways

Site visit on 15th August on Smithy Lane due to drainage

Cllr TR and the Clerk had met with highways to discuss the surface water crossing Smithy Lane which was causing dangers in the winter months. It seemed the Flood Risk team were at fault. The land owner had attended and offered his support to uncover the land drain.

It was agreed the Clerk would pursue this with highways and Cllr TR would endeavour to make progress with the landowner.

BT Chamber on Mill Lane

This had now been resolved on the 31st August.

Weight Limit on Mill Lane.

There is no weight limit on Mill Lane.

Weight signs on Radnor Bridge

The Clerk had ordered these signs with Cheshire East highways due to the many examples of the weight limit not being adhered to.

Gullies on Giantswood Lane

Reference number 335870.


72/18 Newsletter

Resoled a newsletter would be produced before the next meeting.


73/18 Community Bonus Scheme

The Clerk had attended the training and introduction evening on 3rd September and communicated to the team. The slides and notes had been circulated.

Cllr J Wray was the main point of contact together with the other ward councillors across Congleton and the local representative for Congleton at the funding allocation bidding sessions was Cllr G Bell from Somerford Parish Council. The Clerk advised the bid should be written over the next month.

Resolved the Chairman would start to complete the bid with the support of the Clerk. Cllr J Wray would then present it to Cheshire East for checking prior to the meeting.


74/18 Training Policy & Records

Resolved the policy was accepted by full Council


75/18 Grant and Donation Policy

Resolved the policy was accepted by full Council


76/18 Planning Applications

No planning applications have been submitted since the last meeting.


Bloor Home Alderley Gate development

It was agreed that the residents needed support from the Parish Council and they would try and arrange regular liaison meetings with Bloor’s and residents with the Parish Council involvement. It seemed that the development would not be completed until 2020.


77/18 GDPR

The Clerk updated the members on progress to date and the possibility of appointing a Data Protection Officer. In principal the Parish Council did not require a Data Protection Officer following advice from NALC, but it may be prudent practice to appoint one to give formal advice and guidance to the Clerk.


78/18 Cheshire East

Resolved to suspend standing orders to receive a report from Ward Cllr Wray.

Cllr J Wray explained where the Council was with the Community Home Bonus at this stage and the actions the Parish Council should be considering.


Cllr J Wray agreed to speak to with Bloor Homes to encourage regular meetings with the local residents.


79/18 Accounts

To note the balance of accounts = £12,761.90  


  • Cheque number 260; £62.50 TCS Management (CPC)
  • Cheque number 259; £15.11 Cllr M Wakerly (Annual Parish meeting refreshments)


Resolved the above payments be approved and signed for as a true and accurate record



  • £5,000.00 Precept Cheshire East


80/18 Communication with the Press

Resolved all contact from the press or other bodies should be directed to the Chairman. Individual Councillors should not comment if contacted. Cllr MW will draft a Communication Plan with Cllr GB for review at the next meeting.


81/18 Chairman and Members report

Rural Homelessness Questionnaire was completed.

Annual CHALC Meeting 25.10.18

It was agreed Cllr MW and Cllr PA would attend.


The next meeting would be the on 4th October 2018 @ 7.30pm at ‘Westlow Mere’ fisheries.


Meeting closed at 9.50pm

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