Minutes: Parish Council Meeting November 2015

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Minutes for November Parish Council Meeting


Minutes of the Parish Council meeting held on Tuesday 24th November 2015 at Clonter Opera Theatre at 7.30pm.




107/15 Present   Councillor K Ogden (Chairman), Councillor G Silman (Vice Chairman), Councillor J Lockett, Councillor P Amies, Councillor J Smith, Councillor J Wray (Cheshire East) and the Clerk.

108/15 Apologies of absence



109/15 Declaration of Interest

All members completed a dispensation in order to discuss the precept.

Councillor G Silman – 15/4950C and Councillor J Lockett – Meeting venue


Public Forum

Nobody present


110/15 Minutes

GS proposed the minutes

PA seconded the minutes

Resolved that the minutes from 1st October 2015 were accepted as a true and accurate record.


111/15 Planning Applications


  • 15/4480 Proposed Congleton Link Road, Congleton. The proposed Congleton Link Road – a 5.7 km single carriage way link road between the A534 Sandbach Road and the A536 Macclesfield Road

Resolved the parish council objected to this application but understood at this time the application would be approved by the Strategic Planning Board in February 2016. The Parish Council would like a condition that had been agreed throughout consultation to be adhered to – no development north of the link road and the road must be completed in its entirety as the none completion of stage 4 would result in giving up all the benefits of the link road. The CLR needed to link to the Manchester Road and the Macclesfield Road.

A response would be drafted by the Clerk.

Councillor G Silman left the room

  • 15/4950C Fern Hill, Smithy Lane, Hulme Walfield, CW12 2JG. Conversion of stable block and outbuilding to residential dwellings

Resolved No Objection

  • Orchard Cottage, Wornish Nook, Somerford Booths, CW12 2JP Proposed single storey dual pitched roofed rear extension to revise the previously approved flat roof lantern extension. Combined detached garage & workshop building within the front garden to replace the previously app separate single storey buildings to either side of main dwelling.

Resolved No Comment


112/15 Neighbourhood Plan

The designated area had been submitted to Cheshire East for approval. The Heads of Terms had been drafted by the Steering Group.

It was agreed the Clerk would submit the Grant application form to DCLG.

There was a discussion about instructing an outside body for support as the present team was small.

It was agreed there would be a newsletter sent out in January to request support from the Parish.

Councillor G Silman, Councillor P Amies and Councillor J Lockett had a Site location planning meeting on Wednesday 11th November at Westfields.

Representations from Cheshire East were Stuart Penny Planning Policy & CIL Manager, Tom Evans Neighbourhood Planning Manager, Allan Clarke Principal Planning Officer, Charlotte Rous Planning Officer and Paul Hurdus Highways Development Manager.

Councillor G Silman had retrieved some potential housing figures for Hulme Walfield and Somerford Booths which had been circulated. Again there seemed to be an indication of development north of the CLR.

113/15 Budget

The Budget 2016/17 was circulated by the Clerk to all members.

Proposed £8,500 KO Seconded PA. VOTE – unanimous.

Resolved the precept 2016/17 would be £8,500.


114/15 Cheshire East

Councillor J Wray updated the members that the Inspector had re visited Cheshire East’s Local Plan in September and there were some issues for CE to re visit. Brereton’s Neighbourhood Plan had been examined by the inspector on 11.11.15.

The members requested that JW organised a meeting with Mr Adrian Fisher on their behalf to discuss the housing figures and site allocations in HW & SB. He would message the Clerk.


Councillor J Lockett left the room


115/15 Place of meeting

Clonter Opera was excessive in price for the Parish Council compared to other meeting places for Parish Councils.

Resolved the meeting place would be reviewed by the Clerk and changed in the New Year.

A letter of thanks would be sent to Clonter Opera.


116/15 Highways

It was noted that Clonter Bridge was going to be repaired and it had gone on the list at highways – contact details

There had been a complaint regarding the hedge at Westmore Lake due to visibility. After consideration the Parish Council agreed there was no issue and it was largely due to parked cars on the lane. No action would be taken.


117/15 Accounts  

To note the balance of accounts = £4,756.28


To approve the following payments

  • £46.08 Congleton Chronicle (advert due to change of meeting)
  • £54.00 Clonter Opera (room hire 19.10.15 NP)
  • £25.00 CHALC Planning Seminar (KO 24.09.15)


  • Nil


Resolved the above payments were approved.



117/15 Clerks Report

The Clerk had attended a Social Media, Webcasting and Transparency Code training date. Notes would be circulated.



118/15 Chairman and Members report.

Councillor P Amies had attended the Annual CHALC meeting on 29.10.15. Notes would be circulated.


119/15 It was to be noted the next meeting was on the 21st January 2016 at 7.30pm. Venue to be confirmed.


The meeting concluded business at 10.30pm.


























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