Minutes: Parish Council Meeting 3rd January 2019

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Minutes of a Parish Council meeting held on Thursday 3rd January 2019 @ 7.30pm at ‘Westlow’ Mere Fisheries meeting room.


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Declaration of Interest

None declared


Part 1 Public and Press present



Councillor M Wakerly – Chairman

Councillor P Amies,

Councillor G Booth – Vice Chairman

J Mason – Clerk


Mrs Margaret Wood from Hulme Walfield had sadly passed away over the seasonal period and the Chairman requested a minute silence in her memory.


Public Forum

10 members of the public present.

Goods Vehicle Operators Licence – Giantswood House, CW12 2JJ

The notice had been advertised in the local press in November and many residents had registered concerns with the Traffic Commissioner in Leeds. They expressed their concerns if V P Engineering Ltd from Radnor Trade Park decided to operate the business from Giantswood House, essentially that operating a business with HGV’s would not be suitable for the rural lanes and the access was not safe. Residents considered the site was not appropriate. They appealed to the Parish Council for support and an understanding if the Neighbourhood Plan could be utilised to cease the proposal.

Alderley Gate – Bloor Homes

The piling on site had been delayed from the scheduled date and had been completed in December. This time steel piling had been carried out as opposed to concrete piling. Some home owners close to the site had experienced ‘cracking’ of interior walls /ceilings and were liaising with Bloor homes regarding repaires. It was noted individuals needed to request their own noise and vibrating report from Bloor homes directly. Again, the works had been very disruptive for residents.

Passing places along Smithy Lane

The Chairman explained the PC had applied for funding from the New Community Home Bonus scheme allocated by Cheshire East Council. If the monies were not granted this work would not be completed. Some residents voiced their concerns that the passing places should not allow cars to stop and litter the rural areas. The location of passing places would be performed in conjunction with CE and residents if pursued.

Footpaths 3 and 6 in Hulme Walfield

The member of the public wished it to be noted that there were closures from 7th January 2019 due to the Congleton Link Road. There had been an announcements in the Congleton Chronicle.

01/19 Apologies for absence

Cllr T Richardson due to prior engagement, Cllr G Silman – due to work commitments, Cllr J Wray Cheshire East – no reason.


02/19 Minutes

Resolved that the minutes of the meeting held on 8th November 2018 be approved and signed as a true and accurate record.


03/19 Community Home Bonus Bid – Cheshire East

The Clerk and the Chairman had met to draft the bid and then had attended Cheshire Voluntary Service on 18th December to have the application checked. The Chairman then re wrote sections of the application and a project plan and it had been submitted by the deadline of the 31st December. The applications were now being acknowledged, there would be meeting held in January with the committee and the monies should be approved by the end of February.


04/19 Highways

Goods Vehicle Operators Licence- Giantswood House, Giantswood Lane, CW12 2JJ

V P Engineering Ltd had advertised this licence in the local press since the last meeting and the deadline was in December for comments. The Parish Council had written to the Traffic Commissioner and received a response that as they were not owners or occupiers of land in the vicinity of a proposed operating centre, they were unable to make representations.

Resolved the Parish Council would enquire if they could be present when the Traffic Examiner attended the site to raise concerns.

Resolved the Clerk would enquire with the Ward Cllr if this allowed the company to operate a business if the licence was granted and whether the planning dept at CE should be contacted at this stage.

Resolved the Chairman would contact the company director to enquire of their intentions.

Gullies on Giantswood Lane – 335870


Rural Lane Improvement Plan

This was placed on hold until the Parish Council knew if they had secured funds from the NCHB bid. The precept was not sufficient to carry out these works this financial year.

Drainage Issue on Smithy Lane

The land owners had taken no actions after two letters had been sent by Cheshire East Highways it had now been had referred this to the Flood Risk Management team, but no actions had been undertaken to date. The Clerk had contacted the landowner and he agreed he was due to review the situation.

Resolved the Clerk would contact the Ward Cllr for support

Site visit on Smithy Lane with the Clerk and CE highways for quote – NCHB Scheme

The Clerk had met with Mr R Cooper from highways to discuss the passing places and pot holes along Smithy Lane. A quote was required for improvements works. This had been declined by highways. The potholes had been reported.

Congleton Link Road

The Clerk had organised for Mr Paul Griffiths to attend the next Parish Council meeting to discuss the beginning of the building works.

Resolved the Parish Council requested this was deferred until the Annual Parish Meeting in April.


05/19 Alderley Gate – Bloor Homes

There had been a meeting with the Parish Council, Bloor Homes and two members of the public on 29th November 2018 (notes have been circulated). The piling had now ceased, and the reports were available for residents nearby. It was evident from conversations that some damage had occurred.

A further meeting is scheduled on 10th January 2019 and the residents who lived along Giantswood Lane had been invited to also inspect the boundary access at the back of their houses.


06/19 Cheshire East

No report submitted


07/19 PCSO Beat Surgeries

The local PCSO Sue Holt was holding a Beat Surgery on 21st January in Hoofers Café for Brereton Rural.

It was agreed the Chairman would attend. There was a discussion on any issues in the Parish.


08/19 Planning Applications

  • 18/6320C Mogaden House, Barn Road, Congleton CW121LJ – two story side extension to office building

Resolved No Objection


09/19 Freedom of Information Policy

Resolved the policy would be adopted by full Council


10/19 Adult and Children Safe Guarding Policies

Resolved both policies would be accepted


11/19 Security Policy – GDPR

Resolved the policy would be adopted by full Council

12/19 Health & Safety Policy

Resolved the policy would be adopted by full Council

It was noted there was an accident book available for the Council members, members of the public and the Clerk when performing activities on behalf of the parish council


13/19 Accounts

To note the balance of accounts = £16,085.06  


  • Cheque number 321 – £593.88 The Noticeboard Parish Company
  • Cheque number 322 – £24.30 Mrs P Amies expenses
  • Cheque number 323 – £953.02 (£71.76 HMRC) Cranage Parish Council
  • Cheque number 324 – £273.37 Zurich Insurance Company
  • Cheque number 325 – £79.18 Mrs J Mason expenses

Resolved the above payments be approved and signed for as a true and accurate record.



  • Nil


14/19 Clerks Report

Town and Parish Conference 29.01.19

The Chairman will attend.

Annual Parish Meeting

It was agreed that the Clerk would try and organise Mr P Griffiths to attend to discuss the progress on the Congleton Link Road.


The Clerk updated members on progress to date


The planning of the spring newsletter was discussed.

Elections 2019

The Parish Council had requested an extra 2 seats in 2016 and the Clerk had enquired from Mr Brian Reed of the progress to date. The seats would remain at 5 as there was due to be a full commissioners review after the elections. There are 186 parish and town councils across the borough, and several had requested a review in seats or boundaries. This would be reviewed after May 2019.

The next meeting would be the on 7th February 2018 @ 7.30pm at ‘Westlow Mere’ fisheries.  

Meeting closed at 9.45pm

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