Minutes: Parish Council Meeting 23rd April 2020

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Minutes of a Parish Council meeting held on Thursday 23 rd April 2020 @ 7.30pm via video conference.

Minutes of a Parish Council meeting held on Thursday 23rd April 2020 @ 7.30pm via video conference.

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Part 1 Public and Press present


Councillor Mark Wakerly MW

Councillor Tony Richardson TR

Councillor John Spence JS

Councillor Vic Brown VB

K Marsh – Clerk


Public Forum

0 members of the public were present

33/20 Apologies for absence


34/20 Declarations of Interest


35/20 Minutes

Resolved that the minutes of the meeting held on 20th February 2020 be approved and signed as a true and accurate record. The minutes were signed by the chairman.

36/20 Coronavirus

Cllr VB has been liaising with Revd Arch and there is a team ready should any need for help and support arise.

Legislation has been passed to enable council meetings to be held virtually. There is no requirement to hold an annual meeting in May 2020. The first item on the agenda of the annual meeting would normally be the appointment of the chairman for the year ahead, the legislation allows for the current chairman remaining in place until the annual meeting is held (possibly next year), unless the council decide to elect a chairman earlier. The publication deadline for the AGAR has been extended to 1st September.

37/20 Co-option of New Councillor

To date no applications for the councillor vacancy have been received.

38/20 Defibrillator

The clerk has been asked to look at the options for purchasing a defibrillator for the community.  The clerk presented research and three quotes to the members. Consideration needs to be made to the location of the defibrillator and where it is of most use to people.

Resolved that the Clerk will make contact with Congleton First Responders to seek their advice on location and whether there is a need for one in the area.

39/20 National Cycling Route 55

Cllr VB has made enquiries as to whether Giantswood Lane, NCR 55, would be downgraded in length following a review of the network.  It is an important recreational lane and many cyclists use it.  This will be deferred until after the coronavirus lockdown when the parish council will make contact with Congleton Cycle Network to offer assistance to make sure that it is not downgraded.  Cllr VB will investigate the route of 55 to see whether it will be affected by the Link Road.

40/20 Community Chest

This will be deferred until after the coronavirus lockdown.

41/20 Business Plan

Cllr MW to present this at the next meeting.

42/20 Highways.

Congleton Link Road. Some, but not all, work has been suspended on the Link Road until after the coronavirus lockdown. There is no date at the moment for an update meeting with GRAHAM.

Resolved that the clerk will make contact with GRAHAM to get an email update and find out what the timetable will be for after the lockdown.

Radnor Bank Bridge.  The Clerk provided an update following the emergency remedial work that had been carried out to secure the bridge over the river Dane.  There are still traffic lights on the bridge and discussions are ongoing with the landowner and Cheshire East Council about carrying out further repair work.

Deterioration of Smithy Lane. Since the diversion, as a result of road closures caused by the Congleton Link Road, Smithy Lane has deteriorated significantly due to the extra volume of traffic.

Resolved that the clerk will draft a letter to Cheshire East Council and GRAHAM outlining the concerns.

43/20 Cheshire East. No ward member present.

44/20 Planning

  • 20/1524M Land Off, Giantswood Lane, Hulme Walfield Replacement Cattle Shed (current cattle shed, caravan and container to be removed)

Resolved No objection.

  • 20/1552C The Mousetrap, Giantswood Lane, Hulme Walfield, – Variation of condition 2 on application 15/1158C and 14/0796C.

Resolved No objection.

45/20 Accounts

To note the balance of accounts = £16,151.97   

Payments for approval

  • Online payment – £245.74 Clerk salary.
  • Online payment – £40, Clerk Expenses, Data Protection Fee Renewal.
  • Online payment – £274.70, Crewe Colour Printers. This was paid prior to the meeting due to the coronavirus constraints.

Resolved the above payments be approved and signed for as a true and accurate record.


  • £222.18 HMRC VAT refund

Resolved that the bank reconciliation was approved and will be signed at the first meeting following the coronavirus lockdown.

46/20 Clerks Report

Following on from the last meeting the clerk has been researching different bank accounts. An update was provided and all members agreed to go ahead with the change of account to Lloyds. The HSBC bank mandate has not yet been actioned so this cannot take place until after this has been confirmed.

Resolved that the clerk will put arrangements in place to move bank to Lloyds when HSBC confirm the new bank mandate.

A new volunteer is required to update the parish council noticeboards with the meetings date, agendas and any other relevant documents.

Resolved that Cllr MW would take on this role at Newsbank and Cllr TR would do the church and the clerk would forward all necessary documentation. Cllr VB also offered to help as and when required.

The clerk queried whether members would like to setup a WhatsApp group as an additional communication channel but it was felt that email should continue to be used as the primary communication source.

47/20 Chairman and Member Report.  Cllr JS reported an issue with the buffer zone on the Bloors site which he has communicated directly with them about.

The next meeting will be the on 21st May 2020 @ 7.30pm either by video conference or at Westlow Mere Fisheries depending on whether the coronavirus lockdown has been lifted.

Meeting closed at 20.45pm.

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