Minutes: Parish Council Meeting 1st March 2018

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Minutes of a Parish Council meeting held on Thursday 1st March 2018 at ‘Westlow’ Mere Fisheries meeting room.

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Declaration of Interest

None declared


Part 1 Public and Press present

Present Councillor M Wakerly (who chaired the meeting), Councillor P Amies, Councillor G Booth and Ms J Mason – Clerk



Mr Lindsay Rutter from ‘Hadrain Construction Ltd’ plus the land owners Mr T Smith and Mr A Smith

They had attended to present a planning application on original Crab Mill Farm, Giantswood Lane, Somerford Booths CW12 2JR. The proposal was to build 4 detached bungalow properties specially designed as fully accessible dwellings for wheel chair users. When referencing the accessible property register it shows that currently in the North West there are no fully accessible properties available for rent within the Cheshire, Merseyside, Greater Manchester, Cumbria or Lancashire regions plus non available in the West Midland area.

They were meeting with Cheshire East planners the following week.


Public Forum

2 members of the public present

One member of the public wished the Parish Council to support the promotion of Cycle ways within the Parish. He had spoken to a group chaired by Suzie Ackers Smith (Deputy Mayor of Congleton) who was promoting a project for improving and extending the cycle ways in and around Congleton. The new part of the project is the promotion of a cycle way to completely surround the town and to include the new developments off Giantswood Lane and A34. The proposed route includes a section which crosses over Giantswood Lane. At present Giantswood Lane is currently part of the national SUSTRANS cycle ways. There is an important and urgent need to reduce the number of vehicle journeys in and around the town and replace it with the option for children to safely cycle to and from school and offer an opportunity to improve children’s exercise regime.

Ref; 17/5573C – He also wished the Parish Council to investigate the cutting down of trees on the two Bloor homes sites that day. He felt it was inappropriate action before the planning permission had been finalised on the second site.

The second member of the public wished to enquire about the closure of the footpath adjacent to the Bloor site and if the Parish Council knew when it would be reopened. The other footpath from Smithy Lane was also closed.

The clerk noted that Bloor homes had indicated that week it would be reopened in March.

She was also concerned about the lapwings returning to nest on site.

There was also an issue in relation to the utility works constantly being in operation on the A34. It seemed there was no planning around the scheduled works between Jones homes and Bloor homes. It was always causing hold ups and disruption into and out of Congleton.

The Chairman requested the Clerk to contact Eaton Parish Council.

17/18 Apologies

Cllr K Ogden – no reason submitted and Cllr G Silman – no reason submitted.

Cllr J Wray unable to attend.


18/18 Minutes

Cllr M Wakerly proposed the minutes and Cllr P Amies seconded. All members agreed the draft minutes were accepted.

Resolved that the minutes of the meeting held on 1st February 2018 be approved and signed as a true and accurate record.


19/18 Neighbourhood Plan

The Neighbourhood Plan had been approved at the referendum on 15th February. The results were as follows – Electorate 268 , Number in favour of a YES – 134, Number cast in favour of a NO – 12. Ballot Papers Counted 146, Turnout 54.85%.

The Chairman thanked everybody involved and thought that result was excellent.

The Clerk would action the funding return to ‘Groundworks UK’.


20/18 Highways

  • Traffic Surveys by VTC Consultants

John Caruthers was attending the next meeting to discuss the findings of the traffic survey. The Chairman would list a number of questions from the survey which was still outstanding before the meeting and agree the agenda topics with the Clerk.

  • Accidents by Clonter Opera

The Clerk has contacted the proprietors of the opera house to establish the accidents that had happened to lead to mitigating circumstances with highways but there was yet to be a reply.

  • BT Chamber blocked

The Clerk had sent this to Cllr J Wray but there had been no reply to date the Chairman would follow up.

  • Dog Bin – this had been ordered
  • RTA’s – the Chairman reported two more accidents.

21/18 Cheshire East

No Report


22/18 Planning Applications

None submitted


23/18 Newsletter / Annual Parish Meeting

It was agreed there had to be a newsletter produced before the next meeting. Cllr G Booth agreed to collate the topics as follows;

Chairman’s Report – Cllr M Wakerly

Neighbourhood Plan – Cllr K Ogden

Footpath Closure / Bloor Homes – Cllr P Amies

Traffic Survey – Cllr G Booth

Accounts – the Clerk

Parish Council role – Cllr G Booth


Resolved Cllr M Wakerly would provide.


24/18 Internal Auditor

The Clerk had attended a Finance and Audit training day on 6th February and fed back information to the members. There was no requirement to have an external audit if income/expenditure did not exceed £25,000.

Resolved the Parish Council would instruct J D H Services as the internal auditor for 2017/18.


25/18 Risk Assessment 2017/18

Resolved the Risk Assessment would be accepted by full council.


26/17 Accounts

To note the balance of accounts = £10,205.24 (£10,188.20 + £17.04)  


  • £29.33 Cllr P Amies (notice board maintenance)

Resolved the above payments be approved and signed for as a true and accurate record


  • Nil


27/18 Clerks Report

Training 2018

Resolved Cllr G Booth and Cllr M Wakerly would attend the Chairmanship Course on 12th June 2018


The next meeting would be the on 5th April 2018 @ 7.30pm at Westlow Mere.

It was noted it would be the Annual Parish Meeting


Meeting closed at 9.20pm

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