Minutes: Parish Council Meeting 19th September 2019

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Minutes of the Parish Council meeting held on Thursday 19th September 2019 @ 7.30pm at ‘Westlow’ Mere Fisheries meeting room.

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Declaration of Interest

Cllr VB on FP2 and Cllr TR – Local Plan Site Allocation Consultation.


Part 1 Public and Press present



Councillor P Amies, (PA)
Councillor V Brown, (VB)
Councillor T Richardson (TR) (who Chaired the meeting)
Councillor J Spence, (JS)
J Mason – Clerk


Public Forum

2 members of the public present.

One resident wished to thank Bloor homes for cutting back the verge by FP2 but was disappointed that they had not continued until the border with G/Wood Lane. He had cut it himself.

The Clerk commented that at the recent Bloor meeting they agreed they only were obliged to complete to their boundary but in the future would cut the verge to the road.  

He also wished the PC to arrange signs to warn dog walkers of the consequence of leaving their dog mess.  He went on to request the PC contact streetscape to get the grass verges cut along Giantswoood Lane as they were causing an issue for walkers.

The Chairman thought CE were only obligated to complete one rural cut.

The second resident had come to report on the Bloor homes meeting from the 13th September but wished to reiterate the fact that the gap in hedge was filled in as soon as possible.

She also wished to circulate a poster of a valuable missing cat in the area.


93/19 Apologies for absence

Cllr M Wakerly due to work commitments and Cllr J Wray no apologies submitted.


94/19 Minutes

Resolved that the minutes of the meeting held on 18th July 2019 be approved and signed as a true and accurate record.


95/19 Tree Protection Order

Cllr VB and the Clerk had opened a dialogue with Anne Donkin – CE , to express concern about the trees on the land where the woodland was in the middle of the land where the planning application 17/1000C had been approved for 500 houses on the land between Giantswood Lane and Manchester Road. She had arranged for an officer Mr C Hudson the CE Principal Forestry Officer who commented on the planning application to make observations.

There was still concern about the dead and damaged trees on the bridleway through the wooded area at ‘Westlow Mere’. Residents had made complaints, but these had resulted in no actions being taken by the fisheries.

Resolved the Clerk would make a formal complaint on behalf of the Parish Council.  

96/19 Rural Lane Improvement Plan  

Cllr TR and the Clerk had met with James Ashbrooks Ltd to discuss hard stoning the passing places along Smithy Lane. There had now been a quote submitted to the PC to implement the works.

Resolved It was agreed a letter would be sent to all the residents along Smithy Lane to inform them of the proposed works and if suitable James Ashbrook Ltd would be instructed to complete the works.

Cllr JS wished the Clerk to make enquires about signage.


97/19 Highways

Congleton Link Road

Cllr PA and the Clerk had attended a meeting with Mr D Cawthra – GRAHAM and discussed the progress of the CLR. The delay on the traffic lights had been raised. There had been a complaint from a resident in Somerford Booths in relation to the poor communication from GRAHAM about the reopening dates of Back Lane. He also wished to complain about the poor completion of Back Lane as it had all been resurfaced but then had ended leading into a small narrow lane and not completed continuously. This was an issue with CE planning not GRAHAM.

Resolved the Clerk would direct this observation to CTC.

Rubbish dumping on Giantswood Lane

There had been several incidents of fly tipping on the land by the dog waste bin. The Clerk had reported this to CE, and it had been collected. The residents were aware to try and catch the car/ van registration number to report to the police.

Water on Smithy Lane

CE Highways had made no progress.

Mill Lane BT chamber

The Clerk updated members on progress to date.

Bridleway on Giantswood Lane

There had been a report on social media that glass had been found again on the bridleway. Cllr JS offered to try and find out who had reported and gain some more background.

Speed Gun operation

It was agreed this could not be pursued in the Parishes.


98/19 Alderley Gate – Bloor Homes

There had been a meeting with Cllr JS, two residents and the Clerk with Bloor Homes representatives on the 13th September 2019. The notes had been circulated to members. It was noted how co operative they were and supportive of the Parish Council.


99/19 Business Plan

Deferred due to the Chairman being absent.


100/19 Cheshire East.

No report due to absence.

There had been a report submitted from Cllr JW to ask for the worst roads in the Parishes as he could submit five areas from his area to be resurfaced or patched.

Resolved Cllr JS would drive across the Parishes and report to the Clerk.

It was agreed the PC should ask also for the available S106 monies and the parish road infrastructure after the CLR opening.


101/19 Planning Applications

  • 19/4107C Fern Hill, Smithy Lane, Hulme Walfield CW12 2JG – Extension to existing property and construction of car port.

Resolved No Objection

  • 19/3859C Sarnia, Giantswood Lane, Somerford Booths CW12 2JN – Replacement dwelling

Resolved No Objection

  • 19/2136C Field house Farm, Swettenham Road, Somerford Booths CW12 2JX – Replacement of existing porch, addition of dormer window and timber cladding to existing dwelling, Conversion of existing garage into habitable space. Erect car port.

Resolved No Objection

  • 19/3656C Tannoch Brae, Mill Lane, Somerford Booths CW12 2JT – proposed demolition of Tannoch Brae and the construction of a replacement dwelling with detached garage.

Resolved No Objection

Fern Hill, Smithy Lane CW12 2JG

There had been a complaint in reference to this site as they were working outside approved operation hours granted on their approved planning application.

Resolved the PC would contact the owner to inform him and resolve the issue.

Local Plan Site Allocation consultation

The Clerk had circulated the above to members and Cllr VB had written a report for members on his findings. There was a lengthy discussion on the proposals to be put forward from the PC.

Cllr VB proposed ‘HW & SB PC would submit observations relating to the protection and enhancement of public access and amenities on the east area of Congleton’

Cllr JS seconded the proposal.

When this went to a vote Cllr PA abstained and Cllr TR had a pecuniary interest, so the proposal was unable to be carried.

Resolved the Clerk would approach the Chairman to decide on the relevant comments submitted.


102/19 Accounts

To note the balance of accounts = £16,079.06    


  • Cheque number 284 – £18.18 Cllr P Amies expenses
  • Cheque Number 285 – £35.00 CHALC ( Cllr JS COC training)

Resolved the above payments be approved and signed for as a true and accurate record.


  • £5,500 Precept CE

Online banking at HSBC

The Clerk updated with progress to date.


103/19 Chairman and Members Report

Police Forum 2.9.19

Cllr JS and the Clerk had attended the Police Forum in Holmes Chapel notes had been circulated. He explained the statistics of crime and traffic collisions.

COC Training 31.07.19

Cllr JS had attended



Resolved; “That in accordance with the public bodies (Admission to meetings) Act 1960 as extended by the Local Government Act 1972 section 100 the press and public be excluded from the meeting for discussion of the under mentioned item on the grounds that the publication of the matter would be prejudicial to the public interest by reason of the confidential nature of the business to be transacted”


It was noted the Clerk had resigned from the PC.

Resolved the post would now be advertised.


The next meeting would be on 17th October 2019 @ 7.30pm at ‘Westlow Mere’ fisheries.


Meeting closed at 9.30 pm

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