Minutes: Parish Council Meeting 17th September 2020

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Minutes of a Parish Council meeting held on Thursday 17th September 2020 @ 7.30pm via video conference.

Part 1 Public and Press present


Councillor Mark Wakerly MW

Councillor Tony Richardson TR

Councillor John Spence JS

Councillor Vic Brown VB

Councillor Adam Scott AS

Councillor John Wray JS – Cheshire East

K Marsh – Clerk

Public Forum

1 members of the public was present.

98/20 Apologies for absence


99/20 Declarations of Interest


100/20 Minutes

Resolved that the minutes of the meeting held on 16th July 2020 be approved and signed as a true and accurate record.

101/20 Link Road Roundabouts

Cllr JS reported back following a discussion with Congleton Town Council about the design and scheme of the roundabouts that are part of the Link Road.  The Link Road is to be called the A536.  There will be one roundabout in the parish. There is a need for the roundabouts to be low maintenance, have no solid structures or obstructions to visibility.  Wildflowers with grass edges, perennials, chippings, small shrubs or permanent low hedging were the preferred choices.  There is a possibility of sponsorship for the roundabouts.  Cllr JS to confirm if any decisions taken regarding coverage, or if input from PCC required.

102/20 Website Proposal and Costings

A report detailing the proposals to make amendments to the existing website was circulated. All were in agreement to shorten the URL and associated email addresses.

Resolved to go ahead with the suggested amendments and to go ahead with the training to enable Cllr VB and KM to be able to update sections of the website.

103/20 PCSO Update

Cllr JS provided an update from the PCSO.  Surgeries are not being held at the moment due to Covid-19.  Concern has been registered with the PCSO about cars being parked half on the pavement on Giantswood Lane.  The parish council will include this in the forthcoming newsletter.

Vandalism has been reported to the PCSO at the Fisheries where there has been a hole made in the boundary fence and people are gaining access.

Parking and speeding are a concern at Alderley Gate. The management company are being made aware of the issues by residents.  Cllr JS will also make the PCSO aware of the problem.

Cllr VB and Cllr JS are going to liaise with the Bloor Homes Residents Group when it has been fully set up to help organise a Neighbourhood Watch Scheme. This may be extended to adjoining properties on Giantswood lane.

104/20 Way-marked Circular Fitness Route

Cllr VB has been in contact with Congleton Town Councillor, Suzie Akers-Smith, regarding the proposal for the parish council to install equipment for a circular fitness route.  Cllr SA is interested in this as a more comprehensive look at all of the Rights of Way to form a joined-up network so that the new houses have good cycling and walking connections.  Cllr VB will look at their ideas and put those together in a plan to sign off as a parish council.

105/20 Newsletter

A discussion took place about the contents of the Autumn Newsletter.  The list of articles was agreed and would be drafted by 25th September for circulation in October.

106/20 Business Plan

It was agreed for all comments to be supplied to Cllr MW by the end of September to make the document available via the website by the end of October. Cllr JS will do the final proofread.

107/20 Planning White Paper

Cllr VB gave a summary of the Planning White Paper that was recently published by the government. A resident has sent his concerns about this prior to the meeting.

Cllr VB has asked for all comments to be circulated and signed off at the October parish council meeting in order that the council’s views are submitted. Cllr VB and AS are to liaise to discuss the parish council’s response.

108/20 Highways.

Correspondence has been received from a resident concerned about overgrown hedges becoming a hazard on the highway. The parish council have reported these to Highways who confirmed that they are unable to take any enforcement action until after the bird nesting season.  Highways will liaise with the landowners in the meantime.

A resident has been in touch about the condition of Radnor Bank from Radnor Bridge to Swettenham Lane.  The spring at the top of Radnor Bank presents a problem and does create pot holes. Cllr MW to confirm location. The clerk will make Highways aware of the problem and Cllr JW will also follow it up with Highways.

A resident has raised concerns about the hedges along Giantswood Lane near the Fisheries which have not been cut back for over a year.  The verge side is a particular problem.  Cllr JW will follow this up with Highways.

109/20 Budget Monitoring

The budget monitoring document had been circulated prior to the meeting.

110/20 Cheshire East. Cllr JW reported that a change of governance is due to move to the committee system in May next year.

SADPD site allocations deposit plan, part of the Local Plan is moving along. Clerk asked Cllr JW about passing on relevant information that he became aware of regarding the parishes. Cllr JW agree to forward information to Clerk going forward.

111/20 Planning


112/20 Accounts

To note the balance of accounts = £26,708.21

Payments for approval

  • Online payment – £245.74 Clerk salary.
  • Online payment – £28.78 Clerk’s expenses, Zoom subscription, two months
  • Online payment – £42.00 SLCC membership renewal.
  • Online payment – £528 The Parish Noticeboard Company. Authorised prior to the meeting and paid online 17th August 2020.
  • Online payment – £250 S. Amies, WCAG website compliance.

Resolved the above payments be approved and signed for as a true and accurate record.


£6,500, second instalment of parish precept, Cheshire East Council.

Resolved that the bank reconciliation was approved and will be signed at the first meeting following the coronavirus lockdown.

113/20 Clerks Report

The new noticeboard has now been installed at Newsbank. Cllr MW to be responsible for content.

Cllr AS has kindly carried out the work to repaint and varnish the bench at the entrance of Westlow Mere Fisheries.

Lloyds Bank are still not accepting new account applications so no further progress has been made with transferring the bank account.

Funding from the British Heart Foundation for purchasing community defibrillators has been put on hold due to the Covid-19 situation so no further progress has been made.

Due to the Covid-19 situation the SLCC National Conference is being held virtually and, as a consequence, the cost is much reduced.

Resolved that the clerk would attend the SLCC National Conference, at a cost of £25 + VAT, and the cost would be shared with Henbury Parish Council who KM also clerks for.

113/20 Chairman and Member Report. 

Resolved that the Cheshire East Ward members report would be brought forward in the agenda to the item after the minutes.

Cllr JS raised concern from residents regarding recent shooting activity in the Copse within the land off M/cr Rd that has is due to be developed. KM will make contact with the landowner to ascertain the nature of the shooting activity and make sure that they have given permission to shoot on their land. The woodland is covered by a Tree Preservation Order initiated by the PC.

The corridor of land at the back of Walfield Avenue has had incidents of rubbish being thrown on the land.  The situation is going to be monitored by the PC and residents and raised with the Bloor Homes management company when they take over.

The next meeting will be the on 15th October 2020 @ 7.30pm by video conference.

Meeting closed at 9.07pm.

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