Minutes: Parish Council Meeting 11th February 2016

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Minutes of the Parish Council meeting held on Thursday 11th February 2016 at Westlow Mere Trout Fisheries at 7.30pm.




12/16 Present Councillor K Ogden (Chairman), Councillor G Silman (Vice Chairman), Councillor P Amies, Councillor J Smith, Councillor J Lockett, Councillor J Wray (Cheshire East) and the Clerk.

13/16 Apologies Nil


Declaration of Interest

Councillor J Lockett – 16/0548C Midgebrook Barn CW12 2LT


Public Forum

2 members of the public present (1 arrived at 8.pm)


14/16 Minutes

Resolved that the minutes from 7th January 2016 be approved and signed as a true and accurate record.


15/16 Matters arising from the minutes


The Chairman thanked Councillor G Silman for producing and posting the latest newsletter since the last meeting. Feedback had been positive.

Annual Parish Meeting

The requested speaker, John Heselwood Policy and Development Manager, Cheshire Community Action had confirmed to attend.

Grant Funding to St Michaels Church

A letter of thanks had been received from Mr Morris the church warden

Clerks and Councillors induction programme 03.02.16

Councillor P Amies had attended this training by CHALC. The Clerk encouraged PA to complete the feedback form to CHALC. It was disappointing the agenda had not been completed.


16/16 Neighbourhood Plan

There had been a change in position – Councillor J Smith would now act as the Chairman for the Neighbourhood Plan Steering Working Group.

The Grant Application had been submitted and a reply would be received within 6 weeks.

There would be a preliminary consultation letter to be sent to all residents and this would be circulated to members for approval. It was agreed a SAE would be included.

Councillor G Silman kindly offered to print the newsletter.


It was agreed that the Clerk would find out the cost of adding a neighbourhood plan section to the website. It was be actioned ASAP.

The full revised Local Plan Strategy was published on 10.02.16 and there was a Strategic Planning Board Meeting on the 18.02.16 at Macclesfield Town Hall.

Resolved HW & SB Parish Council would submit comments that it was imperative that a Local Plan was approved and accepted for Cheshire East Authority.


On 25/26.02.16 there would be then a full council meeting at Crewe Alexandra SP Football Club. It was anticipated that developers would be present at this meeting who would prefer no Local Plan in place. It was urged members attended.

Councillor J Smith circulated a map of the CLR and its suggested route including the proposed strategic development sites. It was encouraging there were no sites north of the link road within our parish.

Councillor J Wray had organised a meeting with Mr A Fisher and HW & SB Parish Council on 17.02.16 @3pm.

JS proposed the meeting was postponed until the amendments to the LPs were considered.

PA seconded the proposal.


Both the Chairman and the Vice Chairman wished the comments regarding development north of the road still be taken and emphasised to Mr Fisher.

Resolved Councillor J Wray would cancel this meeting.


It was agreed that Councillor J Smith would attend the NP Planning Event on 4th March at Macclesfield Town Hall organised by Mr T Evans.


17/16 Planning Applications

  • 16/0548C Midgebrook Barn, Trap Road, Somerford Booths, Congleton CW12 2LT

Resolved No Comment


18/16 Cheshire East

The Council Tax within Cheshire East was due to rise by 3.75%. It was noted 2% of this increase this money was to be allocated to Social Services and Health Care. If the amount had risen over 4% there would have to be a referendum.

After the resignation of Michael Jones the new leader was due to be Councillor Rachel Bailey.


19/16 Highways

Radnor Bank Bridge

A resident from Somerford Booths had reported their concerns about the bridge at Radnor bank. The River Dane was cutting strongly into the side of the bridge which in their opinion should be causing some concern for the structure.

Resolved the clerk would report this issue.

Councillor P Amies reported that by the side of the notice board in SB a tractor and trailer had cut across the green and left a large groove a foot deep and cut up the grass verge and bent a road sign nearby.

Resolved the Clerk would report to highways.


The Clerk informed the PC that the new PCSO was Katie Holmes. It was agreed the Clerk would invite her to the next Parish Council meeting to introduce herself and a section would be added to the website.



20/16 Accounts

To note the balance of accounts = £3,980.11


To approve the following payments

  • £30.00 CHALC Planning Seminar JS 02.02.16
  • £30.00 CHALC Councillor Induction PA 03.02.16
  • £66.66 Mrs J Mason expenses from October to December.
  • £90.17 Councillor J Smith for repairs to the parish boundary signs.
  • £265.57 Zurich Insurance


  • NIL


Resolved the above payments were approved and signed.


21/15 Clerks Report

The Clerk advised that the Parish Council needed an Internal Auditor appointed by the next meeting. Members were requested to this about a possible candidate.

The Chairman requested the clerk devised some notices to inform members of the public that the Parish Council meeting was in progress as the lodge was very dark on approach.


Public Forum

A member of the public requested where to retrieve information about the air pollution caused by the amount of traffic in and around Congleton. He was concerned about the effects of the CLR in the Parish and the following proposed planning developments that would follow.


22/16 It was to be noted the next meeting was on the 10th March 2016 at 7.30pm.

The meeting concluded business at 9.25pm
















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