Minutes: Parish Council Meeting 10th March 2016

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Minutes of the Parish Council meeting held on Thursday 10th March 2016 at Westlow Mere Trout Fisheries at 7.30pm.



23/16 Present Councillor K Ogden (Chairman), Councillor P Amies, Councillor J Smith, Councillor J Lockett, Councillor J Wray (Cheshire East) and the Clerk.

24/16 Apologies Councillor G Silman due to work commitments


Declaration of Interest

None declared


Public Forum

Nobody present


25/16 Minutes Proposed KO Seconded JS

Resolved that the minutes from 11th February 2016 be approved and signed as a true and accurate record.


26/16 Matters arising from the minutes

Notice board

PA agreed this had been actioned

Annual Meeting

It was agreed that JS would devise a list of points to be raised to John Heslewood Policy & Development Manager from CCA. Refreshments would be supplied by PA and an ‘A’ frame would be purchased to advertise the location of the event.

The Clerk would compile the Annual Newsletter and it would be delivered by post. This would be actioned by Crewe Colour Printers which would include the envelopes.

The local PCSO Katie Holmes would also attend.

Resolved HW & SB PC would contribute to the cost of the refreshments throughout the financial year. Councillor P Amies would purchase and it would be raised as an expense.


27/16 Neighbourhood Plan

The first consultation newsletter had been delivered that week and all replies were being returned to the Clerk. The Chairman wished to thank Councillor G Silman for his valuable contribution of printing them.

The NP had been added to the website and circulated for comment.

Resolved It was approved by members present.

It was agreed a meeting would be arranged with Lucy Hughes from CCA after the consultation closing date had passed. This would enable, to hopefully, engage with new volunteers and to review the return questionnaires.

The Grant funding had been approved but not yet reached the bank account the clerk would follow up with Groundworks UK.

The Draft Local Plan had been circulated and comments were available until the 19th April.

GS had proposed via the Clerk that a letter was written to Mr A Fisher due to the fact that he had listened to the comments from the Parish Council and there was no proposed development north of the Congleton Link road in the parish on the draft Local Plan.

All members agreed.

Resolved a letter would be written to Mr A Fisher on behalf of the Parish Council by the Clerk.

28/16 Planning Applications

16/0835C, 16/0836C Forge Mills, Forge Lane, Congleton CW12 4HF

Approval of reserved matters

Resolved No Comment


29/16 Cheshire East

Councillor R Bailey had now been approved as the new leader of Cheshire East.

JW reminded Councillors of the timetable of the dates for the Local Plan and encouraged members to comment on the draft Local Plan by the 19.04.16. There were two further dates for PC to attend in Macclesfield and Sandbach Town Halls.

The CLR was due to be heard at the SPB on 20th April.


30/16 Highways

Radnor Bank Bridge

Mr Ian Macloughin would be visiting the bridge and would advise further.

Gianstwood Lane

The Chairman wished the clerk to report the flooding of the road by the squash courts. The access road seemed to have a blocked culvert under the road. The Clerk would arrange a site visit.

Blocked gully on Radnor Bank

The Clerk would report again as it had still not been actioned.

Farm Traffic

The traffic leaving Sandhole Farm after delivering and collecting turf was causing the road to suffer from mud and therefore blockages. It was also noted the dropping of the land after the turf had been excavated was causing issues with the water table.

Blocked gully on Womish Nook by Crabmoss Farm

The Clerk would report.


31/16 Accounts

To note the balance of accounts = £3,763.28


To approve the following payments

  • £35.00 Information Commissioner Office FOI
  • £178.99 Mrs J Mason (stamps and envelopes)



Resolved the above payments were approved and signed.


Mrs M Pennington from Somerford Parish

Resolved MP would act as the Internal Auditor 2015/16


32/16 Pension Scheme

The pension scheme was discussed for the Clerk. CPC had offered the possibility of joining them in enrolling in the Cheshire Pension Scheme for Clerks.

Resolved HW & SB Parish Council would enrol with Cranage Parish Council in the Cheshire Pension Fund for the clerk their only employee.


33/16 Clerks Report

The Chairman requested that the clerk retrieved the procedure for increasing the number of Councillors

It was noted the newsletter would be delivered the last week in March.


34/16 It was to be noted the next meeting was the Annual Parish Meeting on the 7th April 2016 at 7.30pm.

The meeting concluded business at 9.00 pm

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