Meeting: Bloor Homes at Alderley Gate 28th March 2018

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Notes from meeting with Bloor Homes at Alderley Gate Site

Present ; Mr Stephen Oliver – Site Manager ,Karl Allen North West Contracts manager , Cllr M Wakerly , Cllr P Amies, Ms J Davenport and the Clerk

Date; 28th March 2018 at 10.00 am

Venue; Site Office at Alderley Gate

The Parish Council had requested the meeting to follow up recent queries from the residents in relation to the new development at Alderley Gate. JD had been the point of contact as she lived on Giantswood Lane and was the coordinator.

The points raised were as follows

  • Spotlight illuminating the Bloor’s sign. This has given rise to dazzling into Giantswood Lane homes. Please switch off or re angle at night. Jones developers opposite had taken some actions with lighting.

SO felt this was not an issue as he left the site last every night and it was very dark. He needed a specific example before any actions would be taken.
Contractors on site have had 7 bin bags of debris, polythene wrapping etc returned to them from some residents. This had blown from over flowing skips into their gardens.

  • Query and confirmation required on the location of the sewer waste drain.

No knowledge from the site about the drains as they were to plan. The existing sewer pipe down the Giantswood Lane field boundary will be linked into the new build sewer.

  • It has been noted that many trees have now been felled near site entrance which were listed on 17/4713T for pollarding and trimming and along the rear of the industrial units on A34.

Some were dead therefore needed removing and the bad weather had affected some – none were listed.

  • Wigan Tippers have been noted parking on the pavement outside a Giantswood Lane property waiting for a slot to enter the Alderley Gate site.

SO would address this issue and refer them to weight restrictions.

  • The Footpath being closed was concerning many residents

PROW had visited site and instructed two bollards to be installed. This had been actioned and they were awaiting a revisit as they too wished the footpath to be reopened asap. The bridleway was not possible until the CLR was completed due to the danger of the Manchester Road (it also needed a drop curb) . It was agreed PA would take this issue up with PROW and agree an opening date.

  • Prior to any planning committee approval on 28th March by Cheshire East Planning for 17/5573C the trees along the Southern end of the application have already been cut down and the hedge ripped out. Requests have been made as to why. Bloor replied that an e.mail of agreement was said to be issued by Cheshire East planning. A copy of this confirmation has still not been received.

The permission had been granted in the first application and the approval had been sent to the clerk. CE had also acknowledged, and Sue Orell had sent approval through.

  • Asbestos on site – residents were concerned as they saw it being removed.

KA had assured the PC that it had all been removed as per specification. There was a pit on site where many things had been historically dumped, one being asbestos.

  • There is now excessive noise and vibration from activities (new earth road runs) and machinery particularly the CAT. and roller. As from Monday 19th March work has commenced on phase 2 and soil deposited to a height of 6-7 ft along the Giantswood Lane property boundaries. This is the top soil stock pile and will be removed as the estate is completed. Several owners are extremely concerned and are now monitoring their properties due to the construction vibration generated. At The Laurels, the vibration and reverberation is so severe that recording of any hairline cracks is now taking place. This property and others in the vicinity are built on a sandstone ridge and the vibration is amplified through the ground at this point. There has been no prior notification to residents ahead of this current construction activity. A further independent professional survey report may be required when the proposed pile driving takes place.

SO and KA both acknowledged they were working within guidelines and never had an issue before with damage to nearby houses. This stage was coming to an end, but it would commence again but they would endeavor to give notice to residents.

  • Working hours. Some residents had requested the possibility of not generating noise on a Sat morning to allow for quiet family time.

They would be closed for Easter. They could work from 8am until 1pm on a Saturday and if permission granted by CE they could enter site over B/Hols and Sundays for quiet works. It would not be possible disrupt the building schedule as planned on a Sat a.m.

The PC pushed for better communication as they were going to be neighbours for a while and they both should strive for a good working relationship. It was agreed that Karl Allen’s email address would be given to the PC to place on the website.

Bloors agreed to try and communicate better through the PC.

Meeting closed at 11.15am

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