Meeting: Bloor Homes, Alderley Gate 29.11.18

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Notes made by a local resident who held a meeting on 20th November


Notes from meeting with Bloor Homes at Alderley Gate Site

Present; Mr Stephen Oliver – Site Manager, Karl Allen – North West Contracts Manager, Cllr P Amies, Mr C Bodimeade, Ms J Davenport and the Clerk

Date; 29th November 2018 at 9.15am

Venue; Site Office at Alderley Gate

CB thanked the Bloor’s team for meeting the Parish Council and the resident representatives. The Following topics were discussed;

Piling Driving on the site

This was due to commence w/c 3.12.18 and all the residents whose home adjoined the boundary had been informed by a hand delivered letter. The timespan was scheduled for a four-week period, but it was extremely unlikely that this would be the case, they planned to have the works completed in less than one week. If there was an issue with the weather or broken-down machinery this would obviously cause the works to run over. Bloor Homes would carry out steel piling as opposed to concrete piling (used last time) as it should cause less vibration. It did cost more but they had chosen this preferred option.

Bloor Homes had offered a structural survey to Walfield Avenue houses but only two houses had taken the option to date. If any of the residents wished to have a copy of the previous structural report, they would post it to them, but they needed to make the request.


There was a discussion in relation to the site plan.


Bloor Homes had offered the option of providing tea and coffee for the local affected residents around the site at a local coffee shop (probably the Old Saw Mill in Congleton) while the ‘piling’ works were being completed. Mr C Bodimeade would organise this and reconcile the receipts for payment. He would make sure this privilege was not abused. If you require more information, please contact the Clerk

Christmas Working Arrangements

All the contractors would stop work on Friday 21st December and resume on Monday 7th January. Bloor homes finished on 24th December and would be back in on the 2nd January. The Sales team would also be working. If there were any issues the Sales team could contact the site manager.

It was noted they thought they had another 12/18 months on this site in total.


Buffer Zone between Giantswood Lane and the site.

This was very important to many residents and has been confirmed at 11.7 metres on the plans behind the majority of homes. Bloor Homes said it would be mapped out by coordinates to be exact and then the site staff would ‘peg’ out the line out, so people could see where the boundary would lie. They assured this would be done by their next meeting with the PC on 10th January at 9am. Residents could then walk it and see the result. Access should only be from Giantswood Lane.


Planning permission

It was noted that all the land heights were as approved planning permission. There was a revised planning application outstanding from 2nd November still to be approved by Cheshire East according to CB.


It was noted that the communication had improved but it would had been preferable to have started from this point, as the asbestos removal had concerned many residents and if communication had been more proactive instead of reactive the working relationship would have been improved from the beginning.


To note the next meeting is on 10th January at 9am

Meeting closed at 10.00am


Since the meeting there has been a further noted posted to the residents stating the following;

Pile driving is now to commence with equipment brought on site starting Wed 5th December 2018.

This is due to a delay from Piling Construction

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