January Parish Council Meeting 2016

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Minutes for January Parish Council Meeting

Minutes of the Parish Council meeting held on Thursday 7th January 2016 at Westlow Mere Trout Fisheries at 7.30pm.



01/16 Present   Councillor K Ogden (Chairman), Councillor G Silman (Vice Chairman), Councillor P Amies, Councillor J Smith, Councillor J Wray (Cheshire East) and the Clerk.

02/16 Apologies of absence Councillor J Lockett due to work commitments

Declaration of Interest

None declared

Public Forum

Nobody present

03/16 Minutes

JS proposed the minutes

KO seconded the minutes

Resolved that the minutes from 24th November 2015


04/16 Matters arising from the minutes


The response to the CLR was discussed. It seemed it had not appeared on the website as a response from HW & SB. The Clerk would investigate.

Councillor J Wray had asked Mr A Fisher for a meeting and he had agreed subject to availability. It was agreed GS and JS would attend on a convenient date which JW would organise. The concerns about the proposed development north of the CLR and the lack of progress and feedback to the ‘Barton Wilmore’ consultation in July would be the main point of discussion.


Even though the Annual Newsletter would be due for delivery in March it was agreed that a newsletter would be delivered in January. The content would agree the change of meeting venue and the dates for 2016. The response from the PC to the CLR planning application and the current position on the NP would also be included. The Chairman would draft and circulate.


05/16 Planning Applications

  • 15/5369C Somerford Booths Hall, Chelford Road, Somerford CW12 2LY – Full planning application proposing the conversion of the Grade listed hall from offices to residential and demolition of the existing buildings and the erection of a residential development set in attractive landscaping and open space with associated access and car park arrangements .

Resolved No Objection

  • 15/5370C Somerford Booths Hall, Chelford Road, Somerford CW12 2LY

Listed Building Consent for the conversion of the Grade II* listed hall from offices to residential. Internal and external works to the Grade II* listed hall including: – The removal of internal 20th Century partitions and finishes; – Internal alterations to provide 3 no dwellings including the insertion of new stairs, partitions, fixtures and fittings; – Works to external elevations including the removal of modern outer screen to front porch, reinstatement of window openings and reinstatement of detailing to windows, chimneys and roofs; and – The provision of 2 no. new main entrance doors to existing window openings and 1 no. new garden access door. The demolition of the existing buildings and the erection of 30 residential dwellings including: – Works to the existing walled garden to facilitate the provision of 2no detached dwellings; and Set in attractive landscaping and open space with associated access and car parking arrangements.

Resolved No Objection

  • 15/5827C Congleton Retail Park, Barn Road, Congleton

The proposed removed removal of existing Marks and Spencer branded section of the totem and replacement with new brand signage.

Resolved No Objection


06/16 Neighbourhood Plan

GS reported there had been a lack of progress over the seasonal period and the funding application had not yet been submitted. It was agreed due to the recent communication from CCA that the funding would be applied for after 01.02.16.

GS would arrange a meeting with Lucy Hughes from CCA to approve the Project Plan with the financial commitments. This would then lead to the application form being completed.


07/16 Cheshire East

Councillor J Wray spoke about Mr Michael Jones resigning and the nominations for a new leader had been submitted that day. The elections would then take place on 14.01.16.


08/16 Highways

Salt bins

Councillors would check the salt bins and the availability of salt over the next two weeks. The Clerk would find out the locations.

Boundary Signs

It was noted that both parish boundary signs in Hulme Walfield needed repairing.

The Clerk would gain some quotes.

It was also noted that if any signs needed cleaning in the parish they could be reported to CE. Councillors should let the clerk know and she would collate.


09/16 Accounts

To note the balance of accounts = £4,631.20


To approve the following payments

  • £14.00 Mrs P Amies (keys for Westlow Mere)
  • £575.42 Cranage Parish Council (Clerks salary Oct to Dec)
  • £6.50 CHALC ( Good Councillor Guide New Version )
  • £150.00 St Michaels Church


  • £360.40 Transparency Code (CHALC)


Resolved the above payments were approved and signed.


Grant funding request

St Michaels Church in Hulme Walfield was requesting a donation towards the upkeep of the church yard.

Resolved the Parish Council would donate £150.00.


10/15 Clerks Report

The Annual Parish Meeting was on 7th April 2016. Members discussed different speakers that would be suitable.

Resolved the Clerk would contact Mr J Heselwood Policy and Development Manager from CCA and ask if would attend to speak on Neighbourhood Plans.


Training Programme 2016

Resolved Councillor P Amies would attend the Councillor Induction on 3.2.16. The clerk would arrange.

Resolved Councillor J Smith would attend the Planning Seminar on 2.2.16.


11/16 It was to be noted the next meeting was on the11th February 2016 at 7.30pm.

The meeting concluded business at 9.25pm
















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