Footpaths in the Parish

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  1. A temporary closure of Hulme Walfield FP’s 2 and 3, initially for a period of 6 months, has been granted to Bloor Homes to protect the public whilst their development operations are undertaken.  To begin with, the footpaths must be closed completely (no possibility of a through route or alternative) whilst the bridleway is installed on the ground.  Once the bridleway is in place and connected to the current route at the points where the current route enters and exits the site, then the bridleway and connecting route(s) will become the alternative route whilst the development is undertaken so there will be a through route again.
  2. The public footpaths are closed and the general public do not have legal right to use them at present.  I cannot comment on whether the residents wanting to access their hedges to cut them will have private rights to get to them.  That would be a matter for a solicitor.

With regard to the bridleway running through the development on an estate road, that is not the intention.  The bridleway is being installed to the west of the hedge and will join an estate road at the northern end of the development, close to where that estate road will exit onto Manchester Road.

For information, I will shortly be contacting you as part of the diversion process, to ask for initial comments from members of the Parish Council on the proposal to divert the current route.  Other relevant user groups, the local ward Councillor and statutory undertakers will also be contacted as per the process of pre-consultation (which gives up to 6 weeks for comments to be made).


With kind regards,

Marianne Nixon
Public Path Orders Officer

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