Minutes: Parish Council Meeting Thursday 7th September 2017

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Minutes of a Parish Council meeting held on Thursday 7th September 2017 at ‘Westlow’ Mere Fisheries meeting room.

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Declaration of Interest

None declared


Public Forum

5 members present – (Mr & Mrs Webberley, Mr & Mrs Arnold and Mr C Bodimeade)

There were concerns regarding the speed of traffic throughout the parish especially along Smithy Lane. There was extra traffic due to the road works on Manchester Road and the pedestrian area in Congleton being redone. They requested support from the Parish Council for some traffic calming measures.

There was water lying on Giantswood Lane which was not disappearing and needed reporting.

A resident had commented on the planning application 17/3199C and wanted the Parish Council’s views on the removal of the conditions on an approved application.


Part 1 Public and Press present

Present Councillor M Wakerly (who chaired the meeting), Councillor K Ogden, Councillor P Amies, Councillor G Booth, Councillor J Wray Cheshire East and Ms J Mason – Clerk


60/17 Apologies

Councillor G Silman due to annual holidays.


61/17 Minutes

Resolved that the minutes of the meeting held on 6th July 2017 be approved and signed as a true and accurate record.


62/17 Neighbourhood Plan

Regulation 16 was due to close the consultation period on 8th September and to date they had received 9 comments mainly from statutory consultees. The Inspector had been appointed; Mary O’Rourke BA (Hons) DipTP MRTPI, it was the same appointment as Somerford Parish Council; Cheshire East had advised this was preferable as they were linked geographically and had suffered the same circumstances.

The funding application had been approved by Groundwork UK and would be received this month. There was an outstanding invoice from CCA which now could be paid. The remaining monies were then allocated for a response the inspectors comments and the referendum.

63/17 Planning Applications

  • 17/3569C Sunny Bank , Giantswood Lane, Somerford Booths, Congleton Cw12 2JR – Outline application for the Demolition of existing buildings, formation of new highways access and construction of up to seven detached dwellings.

Resolved Objection with comments

  • 17/3199C Land between Manchester Road and Giantswood Lane , Hulme Walfield – Variation of conditions 1 & 2 on 16/3107C (96 dwellings) – O/S

The Chairman would action.

  • 17/3160C Land between Manchester Road and Giantswood Lane, Hulme Walfiled – removal of condition 16 – NB withdrawn08.17
  • 17/1000C Outline planning for 500 houses off Giantswood Lane and Manchester Road, Hulme Walfield – associated primary school and retail shops – SPB 27th September – this application was due to heard on the 27th September at the Strategic Planning Board.

Resolved Cllr G Silman would speak on behalf of the Parish Council.

The Parish Council agreed that it would be advisable that a member of the Parish should also have the opportunity to speak and would endeavour to pursue a suitable candidate.

Public Right of Way

  • Consultation on the proposed diversion of public footpath no 2 and 3 Hulme Walfield – planning application reference 16/3107C

The Parish Council agreed there would be no issues with this diversion. The concern was with the access for the properties on Giantswood Lane to their rear boundary. The Clerk had contacted Bloor Homes and established the access had been blocked due to Health and Safety reasons.

It was agreed the Clerk would try and establish a relationship with Bloor homes and arrange a meeting. It would be helpful for the residents to have a contact link with the site manager for any issues – as much as local people did not want the building it was advisable to have a good working relationship.

64/17 Newsletter

It was agreed a newsletter would go out to the residents before the next meeting and Cllr G Booth would send out a draft copy over the next week. The key topic to be covered would be accidents/traffic speed and volume through the rural roads. The Parish Council wished to get a proper log of incidents as evidence to promote traffic calming measures on the roads.

It was also agreed that a survey would be set up on the website to encourage the public to complete when incidents happened – Cllr M Wakerly would draft and circulate for approval.

Cllr K Ogden would write an update for the Neighbourhood Plan.


65/17 Highways

  • In reaction to the public comments this evening the Clerk was requested to ask for some quotes from independent companies to conduct a traffic survey on Mill Lane, Hall Green Lane, Smithy Lane and Giantswood Lane.
  • It was noted that the BT chamber on Mill Lane had not been resolved – the clerk would seek advice.
  • Radnor Bank – a local resident / neighbouring Councillor had complained about the lack of actions from HW & SB Parish Council in relation to improving the road “The road is collapsing at the side and any large vehicle is in danger of tipping over as the angle of subsidence is increasing all the time.  It has already been witnessed that a van, at this point in the road, nearly went down the bank and into the field below “. The Clerk gave a history of actions to date and sort advice from Cllr J Wray.

Resolved the Parish Council felt there was very little more they could do at this stage and the Chairman would respond to the complaint.

  • The Clerk was requested to report the complaint from the public forum time.


66/17 Accounts

To note the balance of accounts = £9,863.37 (NP = Nil + PC = £9,863.54)


  • Nil


  • Cheque no 314 – £1,417.50 Cheshire Community Action


  • £4,500 Precept Cheshire East
  • £2,890.00 Groundwork UK

Resolved the above payments be approved and signed for as a true and accurate record.


67/17 Cheshire East

Resolved to suspend standing orders to receive a report from Cllr J Wray.

Cllr J Wray gave an update to the Council.


68/17 Clerks Report

Notice board

The Clerk and Cllr P Amies had met with the Reverend Arch to move the notice board into the church yard. The PCC had agreed the move. The Clerk had contacted Congleton Town Council for a quote to carry out the works.

Resolved the clerk would organise the notice board move and instruct Congleton Town Council.

CEC Brereton Rural Parishes – Seagant Lloyd

The Clerk would attend.

CEC Highways Event with Cllr D Brown on 4th October

The Clerk has organised this event with her other three Councils. It was due to be held at Holmes Chapel Community Centre at 7pm. Cllr G Booth and Cllr M Wakerley would attend.

Parish Councillor Apologies

The Clerk requested that adequate notice was given if Councillors were unable to attend a Council meeting.


69/17 Chairman and Members Report

Planning Seminar Training session 25.7.17

Cllr M Wakerly would attend and would circulate.

The next meeting would be the on 5th October 2017 @ 7.30pm at Westlow Mere.

Meeting closed at 9.30 pm

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