Minutes: Parish Council Meeting 9th November 2017

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Minutes of a Parish Council meeting held on Thursday 9th November 2017 at ‘Westlow’ Mere Fisheries meeting room.

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Declaration of Interest

None declared

Cllr M Wakerly and Cllr G Booth requested a dispensation to approve the precept.

The Clerk granted the dispensation.


Public Forum

2 members of the public present

Mr C Bodimeade had spoken on behalf of the residents against the planning application 17/1000C at the Strategic Planning Board. He reported on his objection speech to the committee and his expectations for the future with the next application. The members of the committee, in his opinion, needed ‘lobbying’ prior to the decision date. The Chairman thanked him for giving up his personal time and speaking on behalf of the Parish.

Mr J Davenport was part of a liaison resident’s committee establishing a working relationship with the developers – Bloors at Alderley Gate. She gave a résumé of the concerns from residents along Giantswood Lane. The Chairman thanked her giving up her time and would arrange for the Clerk to attend the meeting with Bloor Homes.


Part 1 Public and Press present

Present Councillor M Wakerly (who chaired the meeting), Councillor K Ogden (arrived at 7.45pm), Councillor P Amies, Councillor G Booth, Councillor G Silman, Councillor J Wray – Cheshire East and Ms J Mason – Clerk


79/17 Apologies



80/17 Minutes

Resolved that the minutes of the meeting held on 5th October 2017 be approved and signed as a true and accurate record.


81/17 Cheshire East

Resolved to suspend standing orders to receive a report from Cllr J Wray.

Cllr J Wray discussed the recent planning application 17/1000C which had been approved last month in the Parish.


82/17 Highways

Traffic Surveys within the Parish of Hulme Walfield & Somerford Booths

The traffic survey had been arranged with the Chairman and the Clerk and was being conducted from week commencing 06.11.17 for 7 consecutive days.

Resident’s Traffic Surveys Online

To date, nine had been completed online and there was a hard copy being distributed in the newsletter.

Water on Smithy Lane 3297595

This had been actioned by CE highways.

Notice of Public Diversion Order 2017

This had now been approved by the PROW department. Cllr P Amies had also requested that this footpath was ungraded to a bridleway.

Dog Bin on Giantswood Lane

Cllr P Amies requested a dog bin was installed by Walfield Avenue near to the boundary sign.

Resolved the Clerk would request the installation of an extra dog bin with ANSA.

It was noted Giantswood Lane had been closed for three days due to mud on the road from a local farmer the previous week.


83/17 Neighbourhood Plan

The examiner had returned the ‘fact check’ report to Cheshire East and the PC.  The purpose of this pre issue report is to identify any issues of fact that are incorrect, such as place names or figures that are referenced. There is no legal or policy provision for a ‘fact check’ report stage, it  has nonetheless become common place for examiners to provide a pre-issue version of the report to the Council and qualifying body (mirroring the legal requirement regarding the final report), so that purely factual errors can be picked up. There is now the opportunity the local planning authority to respond together with the qualifying body and collated into a single response by 16th November 2017.

Luck Hughes from CCA had passed comments and was pleased with the report as there was nothing drastic to be amended.

Cllr K Odgen would take the first opportunity of the referendum date.


84/17 Planning Applications

  • 17/5234C Mogaden House, Barn Road, Congleton CW12 1LJ – Proposed change of use from two storey residential detached dwelling to 6 no offices over two floors.

Resolved No Comment

Cllr G Silman left the room

  • 17/5382C Fern Hill, Smithy Lane, Hulme Walfield Cheshire CW12 2JG – Proposed replacement dwelling

Resolved No Objection

Cllr G Silman returned to the meeting

  • 17/5527C Hall Farm, Giantswood Lane, Somerford Booths, Cheshire CW12 2JR – Change of use of an existing 1 no one bedroom apartment and associated landscaping, together with ancillary games room/gym/office to existing Hall Farm dwelling and demolition of existing Hall Farm dwelling and demolition of existing single storey annex unit inside the courtyard.

Resolved No Objection

  • 17/1000C Outline planning for 500 houses off Giantswood Lane and Manchester Road, Hulme Walfield – associated primary school and retail shops – SPB 25th October

Cllr G Silman had spoken on behalf of the PC at the SPB on 25th October. The application had been approved with no consideration for the access onto Giantswood Lane at this stage.


85/17 Newsletter

The draft was approved with amendments from Cllr K Ogden.


86/17 Accounts

To note the balance of accounts = £14,866.92  


  • Cheque no 318 – £90.00 Mrs B S Amies (website)
  • Cheque no 319 – £30.00 Ms J Mason (flowers for Mrs Hetherington) Chairman’s allowance
  • Cheque no 320 – £156.00 BDO LLP


  • Nil


  • Resolved the above payments be approved and signed for as a true and accurate record.


87/17 Budget 2018/19

The budget was approved by full Council.

Cllr K Ogden proposed a precept of £10,000. Cllr P Amies seconded the proposal.

Cllr G Silman proposed a precept of £12,000. Cllr G Booth seconded the proposal.

A vote was taken.

Resolved the precept would be £10,000 for 2018/19.


88/17 Clerks Report

Travel to school consultation was noted and Cllr K Ogden requested the Clerk respond to represent the transport to Marton Primary School.

Parish councillor email addresses were discussed.

Resolved the Clerk would establish individual Parish Council email addresses.


89/17 Chairman and Members Report

Annual CHALC Meeting 19.10.17

Cllr P Amies reported on the meeting.



Resolved; “That in accordance with the public bodies (Admission to meetings ) Act 1960 as extended by the Local Goverment Act 1972 section 100 the press and public be excluded from the meeting for discussion of the under mentioned item on the grounds that the publication of the matter would be prejudicial to the public interest by reason of the confidential nature of the business to be transacted”


90/17 Clerks working from home allowance

Resolved the Parish Council would increase the Clerks working from home allowance.

The issues of security and ‘back up’ of the clerk working from her own computer were discussed.

Resolved the Parish Council would purchase a Council computer together with the other three Parish Councils where the Clerk was contracted to work.



The next meeting would be the on 11th January 2017 @ 7.30pm at Westlow Mere.


Meeting closed at 10.00pm

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