Minutes: Parish Council Meeting 8th November 2018

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Minutes of a Parish Council meeting held on Thursday 8th November 2018 at ‘Westlow’ Mere Fisheries meeting room.


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Declaration of Interest

None declared


Part 1 Public and Press present


Present Councillor M Wakerly (who chaired the meeting), Councillor T Richardson, Councillor G Silman, Councillor J Wray – Cheshire East Ward Representative and Ms J Mason – Clerk



Public Forum

6 members of the public present.

Alderley Gate – Bloor Homes

A resident updated the PC that a letter had been sent to all the neighbours to inform that the piling works would recommence on site w/c 19th November and they should allow 3 weeks for completion. They were all concerned that the levels of the land had been changed enormously, in some areas the levels had been raised by 30ft. One resident had reported these changes to CE planning enforcement and the works had temporarily stopped on the 19th October. The PC were asked for support with this change in the land heights and check if it had been approved in the planning application.

There was some information given on the history of Somerford Booths Hall and due to the development works being carried out at the present time, a resident had requested to the developer to have the chance to take some photographs, as it was a listed building which carried some vast history. The photographs would then be retained for historic purposes.


A resident queried wording on the minutes and the agenda. The Chairman explained the wording.


93/18 Apologies

Cllr P Amies due to not being well and Cllr G Booths due to work commitments.


94/18 Minutes

Resolved that the minutes of the meeting held on 4th October 2018 be approved and signed as a true and accurate record.


95/18 Rural Lane Improvement Scheme

New Boundary signs

There had been a meeting arranged with Mr C Hodgson, CE highways Safety Officer to discuss the positioning of the new boundary gateway signs in the Parishes, the meeting had to be cancelled by CE as there was a ‘call out’ cost of an initial £500 which included the siting of two signs and an extra £100 for each of the remaining signs. This cost includes an individual site assessment and specific drawings.

Resolved the price of £1,100 was approved for the site visit from highways subject to attaining the Community Home Bonus bid.

As the sign measurements from highways were not available not all the quotes for the gateway boundary signs had not been obtained. The ones obtained were draft.


96/18 Highways

Gullies on Giantswood Lane and Mill Lane

Mill Lane has been completed although Giantswood Lane were still outstanding.

Resolved the Clerk would follow up.

Drainage issue on Smithy Lane

CE Highways had written to the land owner, but no actions had been taken to date and another follow up letter was due to be sent that week. It was agreed that the Clerk would contact the landowner to enquire of the situation.


The Clerk had contacted the company suggested by a member of the Rural Lane Improvement team and the costs were circulated.

Resolved it was noted but the Parish Council decided not to pursue with this cost at this time.


97/18 Community Home Bonus

The outcome from the Congleton Area meeting on 29th October was discussed. The application form/process had been circulated and Cheshire Voluntary Service were available to check the bids and offer support and guidance. The deadline for submission was 31st December.

Resolved It was agreed the Chairman and the Clerk would write a bid and attend a meeting with CVS.


98/18 Alderley Gate – Bloor Homes

A meeting had been arranged for 29th November at 9.15am which would be held at the Sales Office. After the discussion in the public forum time it was agreed the Clerk would contact the relevant enforcement officer to request information about the land heights.

The distress to the neighbouring residents concerned the members. Examples of ill health had been mentioned to the Parish Council, as the building works were progressing, and many people were very stressed although this could not be obviously proven as related, it was agreed the Clerk would write to Bloor Homes with their concerns.


99/18 Cheshire East

Resolved to suspend standing orders to receive a report from Ward Cllr J Wray

Cllr J Wray offered support that the land height changes on the planning application 16/3107C would have been approved. The public needed to look in detail at the reserved maters.

The CHB process was discussed and he encouraged the Parish Council to submit a bid in relation to the rural road improvements.

The Clerk had asked if there was due to be a boundary review and he indicated the paper was due to be discussed in the Cabinet soon. He was aware that Congleton Town Council wished to move the boundary out to include some of the surrounding rural areas as they were the service centre accommodating these new houses.


100/18 Planning Applications

  • 18/5499M Land off Giantswood Lane, Hulme Walfield, Cheshire – To erect replacement agricultural building with associated track.

Resolved No Objection


101/18 Noticeboard

The Clerk had obtained three quotes for a noticeboard for the churchyard.

Resolved the Parish Council would purchase a noticeboard from the Parish Noticeboard Company and arrange installation.


102/18 Budget 2019/20

The budget had been circulated to members and it was discussed.

Resolved the Precept would be £11,000 for 2019/20.


102/18 Accounts

To note the balance of accounts = £16,734.26  


  • Cheque number 263 –£259.20 Crewe Colour Printers
  • Cheque number 265- £140.00 Mrs B S Amies (website)
  • Cheque number 266 – £250.00 St Michaels Church (donation)

Resolved the above payments be approved and signed for as a true and accurate record.


  • Nil


103/18 Clerks Report


John Henry Services had carried out the full audit on the four Parish Council’s the Clerk worked for and a subsequent 36-page report had now been received which need to be actioned. The Clerk was requested to read and compile an action plan of which they would review.

New Code of Conduct

CE had informed the Clerk a revised COC would be launched in the New Year and it was advised the Town and Parish Council would adopt the new code.


104/18 Chairman and Members report

Annual CHALC meeting 25.1.18

The Chairman and Cllr P Amies had attended. The information was fed back to members.

Clerks development review 25.10.18

The Clerk had received staff appraisal with her four Parish Councils. HW & SB had submitted a written report.


The next meeting would be the on 3rd January 2018 @ 7.30pm at ‘Westlow Mere’ fisheries.


Meeting closed at 10.00 pm

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