Minutes: Parish Council Meeting 5th July 2018

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Minutes of a Parish Council meeting held on Thursday 5th July 2018 at ‘Westlow’ Mere Fisheries meeting room.


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Declaration of Interest

Cllr G Silman – 18/2712C


Part 1 Public and Press present


Present   Councillor G Booth, (who chaired the meeting), Councillor P Amies, Councillor G Silman, Councillor J Wray – Cheshire East Ward Representative and Ms J Mason – Clerk



Public Forum

6 members of the public present.


The member of the public was pleased to see the Parish Council were taking some actions with the rural lanes in the parish. He had read the notes circulated on the website and passed his comments on the suggestions that were proposed. The tractors travelling along Mill Lane concerned him and he felt some lanes should be a right of access alone.

He reported two accidents to the Parish Council which would be recorded by the Clerk.

A resident from Trap Lane had come to see if any actions had been taken by the Parish Council in relation to the three bad accidents by Clonter bridge. He agreed to find out the incident numbers from the police to give to the Parish Council.

A resident from Giantswood Lane explained her issues with the current building works on the new Bloor development. Many existing residents on Giantswood Lane were suffering with the constant dust from the building work as it approached the back of the houses. The piling works had not commenced at this time, but she anticipated this was going to cause some vibration/noise problems to many local people.


55/18 Apologies

Cllr M Wakerley due to work commitments


56/18 Minutes

Resolved that the minutes of the meeting held on 7th June 2018 be approved and signed as a true and accurate record.


57/18 Register of Interest – Cllr T Richardson

Cllr T Richardson’s Register of Interest had been received.


58/18 Rural Lane Improvement Project

There had been a meeting held on the 21st June where the Parish Council and several members of the public had attended to put forward suggestions to improve the rural lanes throughout the Parish. There had been a site meeting on the 1st July along Smithy Lane where pictures and notes had been obtained. A full measurement of the lane had been taken, suggested 4/5 passing places established and more signage suggestions.

Resolved the members of the Parish Council would now meet on 9th August to formulate a short/medium/long term plan from all the information that had been retrieved.

Resolved there would be another site walk along Smithy Lane before this meeting.

The Parish Council decided they would not reinstruct John Carruthers at this stage.

Quiet Lane Strategy CPRE

Cllr G Silman had circulated this project to members and he felt it should be the template for actions to be taken by the group.

Verge ownership

Mr A Kelly CE Highways had responded that the verges, which had been under debate along Smithy Lane and Mill Lane, were in the ownership of CE highways. The Clerk had enquired that the verge posts still could be utilised, but approval needed from CE Highways. The costings were discussed.


59/18 Highways

BT Chamber on Mill Lane

The road was programmed for closure on 30/31st August. This should enable BT to repair the chamber.

Weight Limit Signs on Radnor Bank

The Clerk had approached highways in relation to the missing signs and Mr R Welch from highways had requested a site visit and the signs had been ordered.

The Clerk was asked to check if there should be a weight restriction on Mill Lane as there was no signs.

Tree Stump on Smithy Lane


Septic Tank from St Michaels Cottages

Deferred to the next meeting.

Boundary Sign on the Somerford Booths border

This would be resolved with the improvements to Rural Lanes project.

Trapp Lane

The Clerk would retrieve the accidents incident numbers and arrange a site visit with Cllr T Richardson.


60/18 Community Home Bonus

There would be an application process in place for Town & Parish Councils to follow and then it would be presented by the Ward Councillors and decided by Cheshire East. There was no further information currently.


61/18 Standing Orders

The model standing orders update the National Association of Local Council (NALC) model standing orders contained in “Local Councils Explained” by Meera Tharmarajah. This publication contains new model standing orders which reference new legislation introduced after 2013 when the last model standing orders were published. Standing orders are the written rules of a local council. Standing orders are essential to regulate the proceedings of a meeting. The standing orders of a council are not the same as the policies of a council but standing orders may refer to them. The Clerk went through the prevalent changes to the Council and agreed the necessary changes.

Resolved the new Standing Orders would be accepted with the proposed relevant changes.

62/18 Planning Applications

18/2712C Land off Smithy Lane, Hulme Walfiled – resubmission of application 17/2712C: Construction of event training and livery facility.

Resolved extra comments would be submitted

18/2968C Dairy House Farm, Hall Green Lane, Somerford Booths, CW12 2LY erection of key workers dwelling- resubmission of 17/2753C.

Resolved  No Objection

17/6456C Somerford Booths Hall, Hall Green Lane, Somerford Booths CW12 2LY – Variation of condition 2 approved plans and condition 11 (schedule of works) and removal of Condition 13 (schedule of works) on application 15/5369C

Resolved No Objection

Alderley Gate development – the issues from the residents living on Giantswood Lane were noted and it was agreed that Cllr G Booth would write a letter of complaint.

63/18 GDPR

The Clerk had organised a meeting on 6th July with a Councillor representative from each of her Parish Councils to discuss the actions to date. The policies had been drafted plus a retention of documents policy. Cllr M Wakerley would attend.

This would give clarity of the next stages for the Clerk to action.


64/18 Cheshire East

Resolved to suspend standing orders to receive a report from Ward Cllr Wray.

Cllr J Wray explained where the Council was with the Community Home Bonus at this stage and the actions the Parish Council should be considering.


65/18 Accounts

To note the balance of accounts = £13,882.02  


  • Cheque number 254; £771.54 Cranage Parish Council (including £54.04 HMRC)
  • Cheque number 255; £75.00 (Cllr T Richardson Training)
  • Cheque number 256; £75.00 (Cllr M Wakerley Training)
  • Cheque number 257; £76.17 Mrs J Mason expenses (April to June)
  • Cheque number 258; £100.00 Mr J Carruthers (June meeting)


Resolved the above payments be approved and signed for as a true and accurate record



  • NIL


66/18 Chairman and Members report

Police Conference

To note date change to 31.07.18 and change in PCSO.

Neighbourhood Plan survey from CCA

The Chairman would respond



Resolved; “That in accordance with the public bodies (Admission to meetings) Act 1960 as extended by the Local Government Act 1972 section 100 the press and public be excluded from the meeting for discussion of the under mentioned item on the grounds that the publication of the matter would be prejudicial to the public interest by reason of the confidential nature of the business to be transacted”


67/18 Clerks Salary

The vice chairman discussed the Clerks salary and proposed changes.

Resolved. It was agreed that the Clerk’s salary be amended in line with NALC pay scales for the financial year commencing with the quarter ended June 2018 including an increase from Scale Point 25 to 26 to maintain Parish Council parity.

Resolved the Clerks hours would increase by one hour a week from September 2018.



The next meeting would be the on 6th September2018 @ 7.30pm at ‘Westlow Mere’ fisheries.


Meeting closed at 9.40 pm

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