Minutes: Parish Council Meeting 20th May 2019

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Minutes of the Annual Parish Council meeting held on Monday 20th May 2019 @ 7.30pm at ‘Westlow’ Mere Fisheries meeting room.


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Declaration of Interest

None declared


Part 1 Public and Press present



Councillor M Wakerly – Chairman

Councillor P Amies,

Councillor V Brown,

Councillor T Richardson,

Councillor J Spence,

J Mason – Clerk


43/19 Election of Chairman 2019/20

Resolved Cllr M Wakerly would be elected for the ensuing year.

The Acceptance of Office was signed.


Public Forum

6 members of the public present.

There was a request from a resident for the Parish Council to support building bungalows on the back of the proposed 500 house development site which was adjacent to Giantswood Lane. He had watched the new houses being built on the Alderley Gate site and was amazed how the height of the land had been changed and houses were far higher than the ones along Giantswood Lane. He hoped that the Parish Council’s adopted Neighbourhood Plan could influence the detailed planning permission application.

One resident wanted the Parish Council to challenge the housing developers further due to the impact they had had on so many people’s lives in Hulme Walfield. The discussion progressed into the impact the construction traffic was having on the lane from builders and the Congleton Link Road. He felt the speed needed reducing to 30mph along GW Lane.

The footway along the diversion on GW lane was lo discussed as a resident thought it was unsafe to walk along.


44/19 Apologies for absence

Cllr J Wray – no apologies submitted.,


45/19 Minutes

Resolved that the minutes of the meeting held on 7th March 2019 be approved and signed as a true and accurate record.


46/19 Register of Interests

The Clerk circulated the hard copies for completion and reminded members the electronic copy was required by the 3rd June by the Monitoring Officer and the website administrator.


47/19 Election of Vice Chairman 2019/20

Resolved Cllr T Richardson would be Vice Chairman for the ensuing year.

The Acceptance of Office was signed.


48/19 Standing Orders

Resolved the Standing Orders were adopted by full Council


49/19 Financial Regulations

Deferred to the next meeting.


50/19 Code of Conduct

The Clerk briefly explained the new Code of Conduct which had been adopted by Cheshire East Council. There were courses being held by CHALC to explain in more detail.


51/19 To adopt the General Power of Competence

The Council continues to meet the requirement to exercise the General Power of Competence and no longer needs to use s137 as a power to spend on certain items.

Resolved the Council adopted the General Power of Competence.


52/19 Business Plan

The Clerk discussed the benefits of drafting a Business Plan for the Parish Council.

Resolved to implement a Business Plan

It was agreed there would be a discussion at the next meeting and members were encouraged to bring actions with time scales and costs to implement in the plan. The Chairman asked for them to be circulated by email prior to the meeting.  


53/19 Councillor Responsibilities

Resolved the following responsibilities were agreed by full Council.  

  • Congleton Link Road and Highways – Cllr TR
  • CHALC – Cllr MW
  • Neighbourhood Plan and Planning – Cllr VB, Cllr TR and Cllr PA
  • Personnel – Cllr TR and Cllr MW
  • Rural Lane Improvement – Cllr JS, Cllr VB and Cllr MW
  • Bloor Homes – Cllr JS
  • Police – Cllr JS
  • Finance and Audit Compliance – Cllr MW
  • Footpath and Bridleways – Cllr PA


Audit and Local Councils in England 2018/19

54/19 Internal Audit

The Internal Audit had been circulated to all members. The Council accepted that they needed to implement a Business Plan and then budget accordingly and ear mark reserves if necessary.

Resolved the internal audit was accepted by full council.


55/19 Section 1 Annual Governance statement section 2018/19 of the AGAR

Resolved the Council accepted the report and it was signed by the Chairman and Clerk /RFO.


56/18 Section 2 – Accounting Statements 2018/19

Resolved the Council accepted the statements and the Chairman sign to confirm approval.


57/19 Public Inspection period (Notice of public rights) from Monday 17th June to Friday 26th July 2019 inclusive.

Resolved All information will be posted on the website and the noticeboards on the above dates.  


58/19 Rural Lane Improvement Plan

The Chairman explained the rural lane issues and the plans the Parish Council had agreed to make improvements. The unsuccessful bid to CE for the ‘Community Home Bonus’ bid had stopped the progress due to costs. The Chairman proposed that some of the works were still carried out and he would arrange a site visit along Mill Lane with Cllr VB and Cllr JS.


59/19 Highways  

Congleton Link Road

The Chairman and the Clerk had met with Mr Dan Cawthra Stakeholder and Communications Officer for GRAHAM on 10th May 2019 (notes circulated). The email from a local resident was noted reference traffic. The Clerk had arranged a meeting.

Mill Lane BT Chamber

This had been minuted as resolved last year but the resident form Mill Cottage had reported that it was still leaking. The Clerk had contacted BT but, in their opinion, they had no more accountability and thought it was the responsibility of Cheshire East highways.

The Clerk had spoken to both parties in order to find a resolution.

It was noted the resident had now arranged a meeting with Fiona Bruce MP.

Clonter Bridge

The Clonter brook bridge had been damaged when a BMW V10 CWL had crashed into the bridge wall and finished up in the brook itself.  This occurred on May 6th and the police had installed temporary traffic lights on the bridge. CE Highways have been contacted and the repairs are being scheduled. The owner of Clonter Opera wanted some mitigation measures be put in place as this had happened many times.

Resolved the Clerk would arrange a site visit with CE highways.

Dog Bins on the entrance to Alderley Gate

A resident had requested a dog bin on the A34 due to the increase in dog walkers from the new estate. It was agreed the Clerk would ask for a contribution from Bloor Homes.

Resolved the Parish Council would purchase and install a dog bin if Congleton Town Council would agree to empty the bin on a regular basis.

Drainage issue on Smithy Lane

The issue still had not been resolved due to the landowner not being able to meet CE Highways.

14th June – CE Highways meeting  

CE Highways had requested a meeting with the Clerk, and she would raise issue.

Resolved Cllr T Richardson would attend the meeting.


60/19 Alderley Edge – Bloor Homes

There had been two meeting since the last Parish Council meeting (4th April and 23rd May) and the next one was scheduled on Thursday 23rd May.

Cllr JS and Cllr VB would attend.  


61/19 Cheshire East No report submitted.


62/19 Planning Applications

  • 19/1940C Land rear of Shannock Cottages, Giantswood Lane, Hulme Walfield – change of use of land from part grazing and part hard standing to a 30m x 40m all-weather horse-riding arena/manage.

Resolved No Objection

  • 19/2136C Fieldhouse Farm, Swettenham Road, Somerford Booths CW12 2JX – replacement of existing porch, addition of dormer window and timber cladding to existing dwelling. Conversion of existing garage into habitable space. Erection of car port and separate workshop.

Resolved No Objection


63/19 Accessibility of Polling Station

Cllr VB wished the Parish Council to consider relocating the polling station from Swettenham Club to within the Parish boundary. Approximately half of our voters live over 3.5 miles from the station. This is a round trip of 7.2 miles in a car.

Resolved the Clerk would contact the Elections Team.


64/19 Accounts

To note the balance of accounts = £13,681.57    


  • Cheque number 329- £8.65 Mr M Wakerly (Annual Parish meeting)
  • Cheque number 330 – £259.20 Crewe Colour Printers Ltd
  • Cheque number 269 – £96.48 CHALC Affiliation Fee
  • Cheque number 270 –£20.00 Cheshire Community Action
  • Cheque number 271 – £994.37 (inc £71.76 HMRC contributions) Cranage Parish Council (Clerk Q4 Jan to March)
  • Cheque number 272 – £122.40 J D H Services Ltd
  • Cheque number 273 – £50.00 Ms J Mason (Flowers for ex Cllr G Booth)
  • Cheque number 274 – 07 Ms J Mason expenses (Jan to March)

Resolved the above payments be approved and signed for as a true and accurate record.


  • £5,500.00 Precept
  • £286.65 HMRC VAT Claim

Online banking at HSBC

Resolved the Parish Council would engage in online banking.

Resolved the signatures would be Cllr P Amies, Cllr M Wakerly and Cllr T Swain.


65/19 Clerk’s Report

Training 2019

Cllr TS would attend the COC course on the 31.7.19

Cllr J Spence would attend the Induction to Local Council and Clerks Course in June

The Clerk would attend the COC course on 31.07.19


Cllr JS and Cllr VB completed the personally owned computer equipment forms.


46/19 Chairman and Members Report  

CE Local Plan – Site Allocation & Development meeting

Resolved Cllr MW and Cllr VB would attend on the 5th June at 9.30am.


The next meeting would be on 20th June 2019 @ 7.30pm at ‘Westlow Mere’ fisheries.

Meeting closed at 10.10 pm

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