Community Governance Review: August/September 2021

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Over the last couple of years Cheshire East Council has been carrying out a review of Parish Council boundaries. This is something which is done every few years. This time it is strongly influenced by the amount of new housing which has, or is due to be built in the next few years.

These findings and recommendations have now been agreed by Cheshire East and there will be a period of public consultation on them during September and October this year.

As you live in either the parishes of Hulme Walfield or Somerford Booths you will be affected by these. Your Parish Council will be considering the proposals and your views at its meeting on the 23rd September and will then submit its comments to Cheshire East Council.

What is proposed?

You can read the full report on the Cheshire East Council Website. Select the Agenda reports pack and go to pages 124 through 132.

To help you, the following is a summary of the proposals together with two maps.

Summary of Proposals

  • The construction of the new Congleton Link Road, together with the considerable amount of new/proposed housing, means that there should be a reorganisation of boundaries.
  • The link road forms a physical boundary which separates the ‘rural’ area from the physical extent of Congleton.
  • Areas falling within the link road boundary should be reorganised and form part of the Congleton Town Council administrative unit.
  • Areas falling outside the link road should be reorganised as a new administrative parish comprising parts of Somerford, Somerford Booths and the balance of Hulme Walfield.
  • The boundaries which are proposed are consistent with the concept that they represent communities of identity.

These proposals are illustrated in the following two maps:

Hulme Walfield and Somerford Booths Parish Council Current Ward Map
Map shows current ward boundaries and the proposed expansion area
Congleton New Ward Boundaries
Map shows proposed new Congleton Town Council ward boundaries

Administrative Proposals

Proposal 1: Hulme Walfield south of the new link road

This area would become part of the Congleton Town Council area where the existing two wards would be increased to five. Hulme Walfield (inside the road boundary) would become part of a new ‘ward’. This is currently called West Ward. If agreed it would have a total of 4 councillors, the total number of councillors in the Town Council being 22.

Proposal 2: Parish of Hulme Walfield north of the new link road

A new administrative (parish) unit be formed comprising the balance of Hulme Walfield north of the link road, Somerford Booths and a part of Somerford. This unit would have 7 councillors elected from within that area

If agreed, these proposals will come into effect prior to the next round of local government elections which will take place in May 2023.

Call for Comments

The Parish Council considers it vital to know the opinions of its current electorate. It will consider these at its meeting on 23rd September 2021 and then makes its recommendations to Electoral Services at Cheshire East.

When framing your comments, it is important that your observations can be justified. We will ask if you support or object to the two proposals, but also why you have that view.

To assist us, you are invited to complete the response form which will be delivered to your house and return it to the Parish Clerk Mrs E Bambrook, 28 Leat Place, Bollington, Macclesfield, Cheshire, SK10 5DF. A copy of the response form can also be found here or please contact the Clerk on 07967 302707 to receive a copy of the form in an alternative format.

We may wish to contact you so you are asked to provide an address and contact number/email. This information will not be published in any form except to indicate the number of people responding and the parish in which they presently live. All replies will be treated as confidential, and only made available to help parish councillors come to a decision. After Cheshire East has made its decisions the data will be deleted/destroyed.

DEADLINE: Comments must be received no later than Friday 10th September 2021.

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