Bloor Homes: Meeting Notes 23rd January 2020

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Notes from meeting with Bloor Homes at Alderley Gate Site

Present;  Fraser Murray – Site Manager, Karl Allen – North West Contracts Manager, Joe Walters – Senior Architectural Technician, Sean Bolton – Senior Engineer, Cllr V Brown, Cllr J Spence, Mr C Bodimeade, Ms J Davenport and the Clerk.

Date; 23rd January 20200 at 9.30am

Venue; Site Office at Alderley Gate

CB thanked the Bloor’s team for meeting the Parish Council and the resident representatives. The Following topics were discussed;

Matters Outstanding from Last Meeting

  1. The outstanding clearance of the ragwort from the upper section of the bridleway will now done in the spring.
  2. Sean Bolton undertook to provide JS with readable versions of the drainage CCTV footage from the Clearview & Hardknott surveys, and e-mail to United Utilities regarding their acceptance of the sewer connection into their pipework close to the bridleway
  3. Gap in Hedge Leading to Bridleway. The now gated gap is in use for the site vehicles.  On completion of work this will be closed off.  The gap adjacent to current materials/plant storage will then become the access point from the estate to the bridleway.  It will stay the width it is, but be provided with a footpath.  When this is is completed consideration would be given to re-positioning one of the dog-poo bins to this location.


Window Cleaning

Apologies from Bloors for the delay with corresponding with CB.  JW will keep chasing the matter for approval and come back to Colin.  It was agreed that one window cleaner would come in and do all residents’ windows and produce one bill.  Julia’s ongoing issue with her plant house would be dealt with separately, as would any possible internal house remedial work and roof. JS undertook to collate all further window cleaning claims and submit to Bloors via JW in due course.


Relationship with BZ Management Company

The corridor has not been handed over to the management company yet.  There is landscaping still to be done, including the seeding of the area.  It can’t be handed over until all landscaping approved.  A security barrier will be put in today to restrict access until the work has been completed.  Bloors confirmed the handover will be around June / July.  The play area has been handed over already.  It was agreed that Bloors would provide the Giantswood Lane and Alderley Gate residents with a date for handover to ensure a smooth transition.


Trimming of Oak Trees on CB’s Property

CB had spoken with FM in the summer and he was surprised that the work had been done without liaising with him.  This is a key issue when handing over to the management company.


It was also agreed that the above oak tree trimming notwithstanding, Bloors would advise GWL residents when the final trimming of their hedges would take place so that they could liaise with the contractor regarding the extent of this trimming.


Security Light

FM confirmed that the security light had been angled down following the email they had received from JD.


Car Cleaning 

JS agreed to collate any claims for car cleaning that residents may wish to make and submit them to Bloors via JW.


Red Diesel

FM had checked the red diesel odour complaint over Christmas and there hadn’t been a smell of diesel or a spillage.


Tree Planting

The tree planting has been completed for two thirds of the bridleway.  The contractors are out again today and in about ten days or so the work on the bridleway will be completed.


Transfer of Ownership of BZ

Properties on Giantswood Lane backing onto landscaped land – is it worth exploring whether a Trust could be put in place for the ownership of the strip of land.  This is the area to the right of the footpath going up the slope.  This gives added security to the properties on Giantswood Lane.  JW confirmed that the first responsibility of Bloors would be to hand it over to the management company.  Bloors need to fulfil that obligation.  The land ownership will pass to the management company.  This matter can’t be explored at the present time.


Meeting closed at 10.15am

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