Bloor Homes: Meeting Notes 13th September 2019

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Notes from meeting with Bloor Homes at Alderley Gate Site

Present; Mr Joe Walters (JW) -Senior Architectural Technician, Mr Frasier Murray (FM) – Site Manager, Mr K Allen (KA) – Contract Manager, Cllr John Spence (JS), Ms Julia Davenport  (JD) – resident, Mr Colin Bodimeade (CB)  and Ms Julie Mason (JM)  – the Clerk

Date; 13th September 2019 at 9.00 am

Venue; Sales Office at Alderley Gate

Notes from previous meetings

These had been circulated.

It was noted Mr Stephen Oliver had been moved to the Holmes Chapel site and Mr Frasier Murray was the replacement site manager.


Sewage spill on Walfield Avenue

JD explained there had been an incident of sewage overspill on Walfield Avenue, and it had been reported in the local press (circulated). Most people felt that Bloor Homes were responsible.

KA made it clear the incident was not the responsibility of Bloor Homes.

Files relating to Hardknott and Clearview drains

The CCTV survey had now been circulated by SB. JS asked for these files to be sent in a different formant as they had to be logged in on each occasion. He was also struggling to print the documents. JW agreed to see if this could be arranged.

Noise and Language

JD stated the language along her rear boundary was getting far worse and the radios could be heard in many adjacent boundary gardens. KA stated that radios were now banned from the back of the site on the top boundary and if they were heard to please report to the site. FM reiterated the policy on bad language for their staff and sub-contractors. He stated at times due to obvious reasons it was hard to police

CB also wished the excessive noise and dust from the stone cutters to be noted.


CB made everyone aware that there were some white vans turning up at different times that did not seem to be working on site. He warned everybody to be vigilant. There was a security presence but overnight there was a number for Bloor’s site management to call if there was an instance. KA would circulate the number to the members present to use if they felt there was an issue.

CB gave examples of workers being on site at 7.30pm, he felt they were sub-contractors working inside houses.

Residents’ complaints

JD said that at the meeting of 4th July Bloors had agreed to car washing vouchers for residents’ cars affected by the dust. KA agreed this was a goodwill gesture promised by Bloor’s and he would make the necessary arrangements.

CB also requested that the houses along the back boundary were allocated window cleaning vouchers. KA would ask but felt this maybe declined. As an alternative is was suggested that a one-off window clean could be arranged as and when Bloors had completed all works, and this was considered more of a possibility.

The Alderley Gate boundary line with the bungalow on Marton Close had reached a suitable conclusion after a complaint to the PC, and Bloor homes had allocated an extra 2 meters to preserve the owners hedge line as it was a well maintained beech hedge which gave a lot of privacy to the owner.

Buffer Zone

KA and JW promised this would be completed by February 2020 and marked out as the planning approval stated with the fence in place. Bloor’s would then cut the hedges of the adjacent properties and tidy up the back area.

The narrow buffer area towards the back of the site near ‘Mayfield’ had also been resolved. CB agreed.

There would be locked gated access as per plan at the FP6 end of the buffer Zone to provide access which would consider large maintenance machinery. JD wished to be present when her hedge was cut.  It was also agreed notice would be given to all residents if required so they could be present.

It was noted that a gap had appeared in the hedge from FP6 made by Alderley Gate residents as a short cut into the estate which also would be replaced.

It was noted there was a gap in the hedge on the Alderley gate side of the bridleway, which allows people on the estate to take a short-cut onto it.  Bloor’s agreed to install some form of barrier to prevent this.

Dog Bin

The Parish Council had purchased the dog bin and it had been sited in July.

Footpath 6/ Bridleway

Bloor’s had cut back the overgrowth either side of the FP6 bridleway. They were informed about the ragwort. This would be completed by the management company in the future.

It had only been completed to the new build boundary line, but KA would arrange for it to be completed further to the entrance from Giantswood Lane.

To note the next meeting – TBC

Meeting closed at 10.00 am

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