Agenda: Parish Council Meeting 20th February 2020

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You are invited to attend the Parish Council Meeting on the 20th February 2020 at

7.30pm at Westlow Mere, Giantswood Lane, Congleton CW12 2JJ in the function room. 


If the members of the public are present, there will be a period of question time at the beginning and at the end of the meeting.


PART 1 – PUBLIC AND PRESS  The Chairman will adjourn the meeting to allow questions from members of the public to last no longer than 10 minutes at the start of the meeting.  After questions the Chairman will reconvene the Parish Council meeting.
  1. Apologies
To receive apologies for absence.
2.     Declaration of Interest To receive declarations of interest.
3.     Minutes To approve the minutes from 16th January 2020
4.     Rural Lane Improvement Plan Clerk to feedback following discussion with potential contractors regarding passing places on Smithy Lane.
5.     Annual Meeting Speaker Decision required as to who to book to speak at the annual meeting.
6.     Newsletter Decision as to the contents prior to being printed and distributed in time to invite residents to the annual meeting.
7.     Bloor Homes Update following meeting on the 23rd January.
8.     Business Plan Chairman to update.
9.     Highways Congleton Link Road – update following meeting on 23rd January.

Water on Smithy Lane – The Clerk to update.


10.  Internal Audit Decision as to who to appoint for the internal audit.
11.  GDPR Clerk to update following completion of High Speed Training course.
12.  Cheshire East To receive a report from any Ward Members present
13.  Planning Applications To consider the following applications and any other since the publication of the agenda:

20/0518C Land off Giantswood Lane, Hulme Walfield.

14.  Accounts BALANCE OF ACCOUNT = £17,212.78


£366.81 clerk expenses (purchase of laptop, The Clerk’s Manual, GDPR online training and mileage.)

£75.00 ChALC, Internal Audit Training Session.

£75.00 ChALC Cllr VB Being A Good Councillor, The Next Steps training.  This has previously been approved for payment but the cheque was not received by ChALC.



Bank reconciliation – a councillor to sign this off.

15.  Clerk’s Report Feedback from Internal Auditor Support session training.

Bank mandate changes

Online banking signatories

16.  Chairman’s and Member’s Report Feedback from Cllr JS re Police Forum.
To note the next meeting date 19th March 2020
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