Agenda: Parish Council Meeting 18th July 2019

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You are invited to attend the Parish Council Meeting on the 18th July 2019 at 7.30 pm at Westlow Mere, Giantswood Lane, Congleton CW12 2JJ in the function room.  

If the members of the public are present, there will be a period of question time at the beginning and at the end of the meeting.

Declaration of Interest To receive any declarations of interest.
1.     Apologies
  • To approve any apologies for absence
2.     Minutes
  • To approve the minutes from 20th June 2019
3.     Tree Protection Orders
  • Cllr VB to make a proposal on applying for TPO’s.
4.     Rural Lane Improvement Plan
  •  Mill Lane site meeting Cllr MW, Cllr VB and Cllr JS to report.
  • To agree actions in conjunction with the budget.
5.     Highways
  • Congleton Link Road – Cllr PA and the Clerk to report on meeting (notes circulated).

Cllr P Amies to discuss bridleway from the CLR underpass and research she has completed to date.

  • Water on Smithy Lane – site meeting on 25th June Cllr TS and the Clerk to report.
  • Mill Lane BT Chamber – Clerk to update
  • Dog bin – the Clerk to update
  • Bridleway on Giantswood Lane – Cllr JS to report
  • Speed Gun Training – Cllr VB
  • Any outstanding issues to be reported.
6.     Lengths man in the Parish
  • Cllr V Brown to report on the benefit of a lengths man to the Parish. Costs circulated
7.     Alderley Gate – Bloor Homes
  • Cllr JS and Cllr VB to report on meeting 4.07.19. (notes circulated)
  • To agree the transfer of ownership of the landscaped footpath/ bridleway.
8.     Business Plan
  • The Parish Council to discuss the circulated Business Plan in conjunction with the budget.
9.     Cheshire East To suspend standing orders and receive a report from   any Ward Members present
10.  Planning Applications To consider the following applications and any other since the publication of the agenda –

•      19/1940C Land rear of Shannock Cottages, Giantswood Lane, Hulme Walfield – change of use of land from part grazing and part hard standing to a 30m x 40m all-weather horse-riding arena/ ménage.

•      19/3040C Sandy Lane House, Giantswood Lane, Hulme Walfield CW12 2JJ   – Carport (open three sides) located on existing parking

•      19/3112C Dairy House Farm, Hall Green Lane, Somerford Booths CW12 2LY – resubmission of 18/2968C erection of agricultural workers dwelling.

11.  Accounts BALANCE OF ACCOUNT = £17,382.03


•      £965.70 Cranage PC (Clerks salary April to June inc £77.30 HMRC) – £41.35 amendment

•      £312.79 – Glasdon UK Ltd

•      Clerks expenses April to June

•      £24.48 JDH Services



• Nil

Internet Banking– the Clerk to update  

12.  Clerks Report •  Correspondence
13.  Chairman and Members Report •  CE Police and Crime Commissioner 27th June meeting – Cllr JS to

•  Amend Cllr TR’s training

To note the next meeting date 19th September 2019
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