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Notes from meeting with Mr Adrian Fisher – Head of Planning Cheshire East and Hulme Walfield & Somerford Booths Parish Council in relation to the proposed planning application for 500 houses, a school and shops on Gianstwood Lane and Manchester Road 29.11.16.

Westfields Sandbach @ 2.30pm

Present – Mr A Fisher, Councillor G Silman (Chairman), Councillor P Amies (Vice Chairman), Councillor M Wakerley and Mrs J Mason (the Clerk).

Apologies – Mr P Griffiths


Worth Partnerships had conducted the first stage of consultation on 21st October for a planning application for 500 houses and a school plus shops in the Parish of Hulme Walfield. The Parish Council had requested this meeting as they had concerns about the two accesses from the site on to Giantswood Lane.

The Chairman wished it to be noted that they strongly objected to the proposed building in the open countryside which ultimately was destroying their small rural parish but understood the housing need, the lack of a local plan, the economic prosperity and the requirement in and around Congleton for housing with the Congleton Link Road. The purpose of the meeting was to try and solve the one issue of the potential dangers of letting ‘ Worth Partnerships’ have two accesses on to a rural lane. The Parish Council had accepted the potential development and was currently devising a Neighbourhood Plan concentrating on the land north of the Congleton Link Road.

The narrow rural lanes within the Parish (map available) were currently under so much pressure with commuter traffic trying to avoid the congestion of the town centre. A small video clip was shown which recognised the situation of the ‘rat runs’ that had been created and the potential dangers. The lanes had an unrestricted 60 mph speed limit, a severe lack of passing areas and the narrow widths of the roads and the lack of vision made the journeys not suitable for commuter traffic. . The actual maintenance of the roads was also evident on many occasions.

AF accepted the concern and admitted after a prior meeting with the developer he knew some concerns had been raised. This meeting had confirmed that highways needed to re visit the access to the site. He said that connectivity from this site to the other site on the opposite side of the lane was required though. There was also a need to link up with Viking Way.

The Chairman put forward a solution of creating an “under pass” from the site to the other proposed housing on the other side of GW Lane. The other access may be needed but it could be an access that would have bollards for emergency services only. The underpass would be at the expense of the developer not Cheshire East and made a S106 condition.

PA wished it to be added to restrict lorry access.

There could also be two slip roads coming into the estate off Manchester Road. AF thought this was not possible due to the guidelines on the CLR application.

AF welcomed the meeting and thought the suggestions could be a possibility and would take it back to Paul Griffiths and his team.

The Chairman asked for support of what actions to take next.


The following was agreed –

  • a letter would be sent to Councillor David Brown (highways portfolio holder CE)
  • a letter to the ward Councillor John Wray
  • The clerk would arrange a follow meeting in January with himself and Paul Griffiths and if possible Councillor D Brown.

Meeting closed at 3.50pm


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