16/3107C New Street Naming Proposal

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Under Cheshire East Council’s Street Naming & Numbering Policy procedure, we are required to gather views of various internal and external bodies, including the Ward Councillors and Parish Council for any proposed new street names being allocated under the Council’s Street Naming & Numbering statutory powers.

We have received an application to name 2 new streets and addresses off Manchester Road, Congleton.

Planning application number – 16/3107C

The developer has not put forward any suggestions so we are asking if you would like to put forward any ideas?

Attached is a location and a site plan for the development.

Please could you let me have your comments by 24/07/2017? This deadline is necessary in order to allow all consultation to be completed within the timescales laid down by the street naming legislation. Therefore if I do not hear from you by 24/07/2017 I will assume you have no comments/objections to make.

Plots 1-36

Please send any suggestions to jmasonparishclerk@gmail.com

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