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Minutes from meeting on 9th February 2017 (follow up meeting from November 2016).

Proposed planning application for 500 houses, a school and shops on Gianstwood Lane and Manchester Road.

Westfields Sandbach @ 2.00pm

Present – Mr Adrian Fisher – Head of Planning Cheshire East , Councillor David Brown- Portfolio holder for highways Mr Chris Hindle, Councillor John Wray and Hulme Walfield & Somerford Booths Parish Council ( Cllr G Silman, Cllr M Wakerly and Mrs J Mason – clerk)

Apologies – Mrs P Amies

The Chairman briefly summarised the last meeting and the highways concerns in relation to the above proposed planning application.

This meeting had been organised to involve the highways department within Cheshire East to consider their opinions to the options the PC wished to put forward to alleviate traffic concerns if these houses were to be built.

The volume of traffic due to be brought on to Gianstwood Lane and the nearby rural roads, when the 1000 houses were built was a massive concern to the Parish Council.  GS proposed the possibility of an under pass. CH thought this would cost 2/3 million to implement. GS argued this could be taken by the developers or CE and would equate to less than 1% of the revenue from the 1000+ houses being built in a parish that currently only has 147 houses, and as such was a very small amount when considering the impact the traffic and building was having on such a Rural Parish.

MW showed the video of the pressures on the rat run roads in and around Hulme Walfield presently and argued that this rural parish would be destroyed further.

The money from the S106 monies estimated to be around £15,000 per house were allocated to the road and the developers had been measured against these costs.

GS enquired about the Community Infrastructure Levy. DB advised that the NP team should add the houses on the opposite side of the road to ensure the CIL was maximised at 25% rather than 15%. It may be too late for the Worth Planning proposal but a possibility for the other side of the road.

DB proposed an option of no right or left turning out of, or into the estates and cameras monitoring. This would have to involve the police as it would be up to the police to enforce. It was agreed this was a significantly lower cost than an underpass and camera technology was available for number plate recognition and so this was a very valid method of operation.

The Parish Council worked through the amounts of the CIL on the houses opposite the ‘Worth development’ which could potentially be held by the Parish Council to contribute towards the cost.

It was agreed between CH and DB that they would complete some traffic ‘modelling work’ on the potential traffic movements from the sites ensuring all the traffic movements plus possible routes which would be inputted and the possibility of travelling in between sites. This would be completed within 2/3 weeks and they would then contact the Parish council. The cost for this would be covered by EC and then passed onto the developers.

They would then let the parish council see the results and another meeting would be arranged. It was anticipated the first application would be submitted in the spring.

AF agreed that there would either be a compulsory purchase order or some other arrangement to obtain some land from the Westlow Mere fisheries to ensure the was a link road built to Viking Way from Gianstwood Lane.

There was a discussion on 30mph speed limits to be implemented across the Parish. DB suggested that a 40mph speed limit was more realistic and this would need to be discussed further outside the meeting and would be reported back at the next meeting.

Meeting closed at 3pm


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